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But with the baltimore ravens we know we had because the joe flaco injury in camp and because of the poor performance of rhyme out so far continued sensitivity and acknowledged understanding with signing colin kaepernick may be something in the future for the baltimore ravens they recently swamped backup quarterbacks they cite they waved david olsen and signed josh woodrum which is ultimately no consequence in this situation but as it's been said before and we've been kind of trying to parse through what this whole situation is really about trying to figure out how much of this is about colin kaepernick the football player versus colin kaepernick the social activist and our own espn nfl reporter diane rossini weighed in with a pretty strong opinion whilst covering the baltimore ravens yesterday this is a lot of football situation this has nothing to do with football this has everything to do with business you hurt the ravens our last night in that open public forum where he fielded questions from the fans and he admitted this is a very difficult situation for this team to make a decision on whether or not they want asylum because there are those effects from the business side of and we are seeing the ravens do right now is is something no other team has done since last summer and that's they're making this public right you saw last thursday coach shot harbor said hey you know we're interested in colin kaepernick he put it right out there and then they started to to listen to the fans and their reaching out to former players like ray lewis they're talking to players on the roster the really trying to take the temperature of the public of the customers to see if it will work for their business here in baltimore.

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