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No things facebook doesn't jenny gephardt is a researcher with the electronic frontier foundation she says big data firms collect information from some pretty specific sources surveys public records store loyalty cards homeownership records magazine subscriptions combine that with what facebook has and gephardt says that can result in some kind of turbo charged targeted advertising but that engine is about to stall in advertisers will have to rely on their own data and data facebook itself collects brian weezer at pivotal research says some companies will have a harder time advertising on the platform now if you are a manufacturer of packaged goods company you tend not have a lot of data about the people who buy your products because the retailers have that data data brokers will also take a hit after the breakup axiom one of the biggest says revenue could fall more than five percent next year katharine armstrong law firm drinker biddle has studied data brokers she says the average one doubles the size of its database every two years years are there's so much data and so much data exhaust that can be picked up in so many of our transactions or even toll booths or fitbit's even with facebook's move the big data economy will keep chugging rob bieler is founder of ad tech research firm bieler dot tech data is a new oil what marketers are looking for is to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time and the only way you can do that is with data facebook says it will unwind it's broker partnerships over the next six months i'm aaron schrank for marketplace this question of data has been hot topic on make me smarts the podcast hosted by me and also result this week we talked about how the phone you use can make a big difference in how much of your data get shared android listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts on wall street today it was bad again and then all of a sudden it was really really good we'll have the details when we do the numbers.

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