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The Dan Ryan is clear but southbound three ninety four south of eighty approaching Joel or road because of a four vehicle crash. One of those reportedly ruled over get traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty five point of impact your weather forecast for this afternoon. Mostly cloudy, breezy and quite mild. A few sprinkles mainly early on a high today of sixty nine going down to forty three degrees tonight. It's sixty five at O'Hare sixty eight midway, sixty seven degrees. The lakefront. The Capital One favorite card. You were four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. That's four percent cashback on we scream for ice cream. I was very and four percent while you're screaming at the amusement. Capital One saver card earned four percent on dining and for percents on entertainment. Now when you in the family, go out you cash in Capitoline watching your wallet terms apply capital. One Bank USAA. An auto policy from state farm gets you collision coverage and this radio ad from state farm gets you coverage if this beloved nineties hits. Who to call? For more coverage, isn't state farm dot com. WBZ news time ten thirty. This is your cogos all news. Newsradio seven and one point nine FM, and w VM NewsRadio dot com..

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