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The mayor with mayor Jenny Durkan says she asked for a good faith move to allow crews to remove barriers to other say they're discussing what their next steps will be and will likely give the mayor an answer on Saturday we're still waiting to hear from the mayor's office this morning started with a standoff on Capitol Hill as protesters turned away Seattle DOT crews attempting to remove barricades and re open streets but the protesters were having none of it and the S. star cruise forced to withdraw great powers who owns a business nearby isn't waiting the police don't do anything you know the business owners are frustrated and I'm moved to bell the excel and unfinished and they'll they'll never see any revenue from me again and again we're still waiting for more from the mayor's office with the earlier statement that will include that Seattle police said no plans to return to the east precinct today governor Insley was on CNN today to discuss the rising covert nineteen cases and the Capitol Hill protest he was asked how soon the stalemate might end I think we are going to succeed having a peaceful transition so we can get please a police services into this neighborhood we do need that everybody knows we need that and I think we make progress and broke both fronts for to quickly usually says the protesters have been successful in changing the conversation a mandatory face covering order now in effect for the entire state UW medicine's Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says a lot of it really comes down to common sense I think when we're doing activities like biking hiking running our goal is to stay our issue away from others certainly on a bike you're not going to be within six feet of other people around you and so I think that's a safe thing to do the doctor says you should wear a mask in public if you can't maintain at least six feet of space between yourself and others she's a symptomatic people can still spread the virus to others as well huge budget cuts just announced by the university of Washington athletic department due to corona virus this is Carlos bill's words like most organizations this pandemic has has taken a real financial full UW athletic director John Cohen says to maintain all twenty two husky sports programs her department is asking for a voluntary salary reduction of all contract staff cone as well as head football coach Jimmy lake in basketball coach Mike Hopkins take five percent pay cuts and wave all incentives for fiscal year twenty twenty one there will also be a two to four week temporary furlough of one hundred fifty six professional classified and union staff members come was bill Swarts corona virus on the rise in king county is more and more young people are becoming infected the county health officer to Jeff Duchin says confirmed cases have jumped sixty percent in the last two weeks he says it's a result of businesses re opening and increased testing however asking an increased impact our health care system work remains very well resource and able to take care of the code nineteen cases the doctor do jin says half of the new cases are in the twenty to thirty nine age group meanwhile increased cases have pushed back Snohomish county's application for phase three Jeff Pohjola come on news the other counties are still moving ahead in the safe start re opening program Thurston county was been approved to move into phase three that means fewer restrictions on recreational public gatherings including restaurants and bars seventeen of Washington's thirty nine counties now in that phase in Bellevue the chamber of commerce is distributing bundles of face masks to businesses that want them Nancy Corey with the chamber says you can simply go to its website scroll down you do kind of options of what we have which are disposable masks class mass and hand sanitizers the request if they won't pick up or delivery the masks come courtesy of king county which recently bought twenty five million face coverings business owners can give them to workers or hand them out to customers we're coming up on nine ten no komo news time to check in again with como's bill Schwartz at the Harley exteriors a sports desk uses when it comes to ducks verses beavers it is no more the civil war as Americans have honest conversations about racism and insensitive words and symbols current and former students approach the university of Oregon and Oregon State University saying Hey can we drop civil war from the rival games well both schools agreed to lose that nickname starting with next November's ducks beavers football game in Corvallis five percent of all NBA players are now tested positive for covert nineteen though sixteen players will have to stay self isolated until they can satisfy public health protocol the NBA will bring twenty two basketball teams to Orlando Florida in late July to resume the season CBS basketball insider and former Seattle supersonic Avery Johnson says the players will have plenty to do while they're sequestered well I think it's going to be difficult but because of the error and we find ourselves.

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