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Earn goes the for saw was was beat air up there without what he went out on air up there at he was out american the contemporary weight though the heat m u kevin bagel until you just at that point just be like i'm just going to watch them french foreign films with french films right here this can't shut it all down i admire him do i mean not admire his his conviction that's how hails real in the basketball world allen iverson has been officially suspended one game in the big three how does that how it punishment when planet like make him go to kentucky not like going to kentucky area skip pledging to go right to la likes is growing suspending a wide recorded kentucky's like in any way hold on to pattern of ice the ice cubes the spanned allen iverson yes i see in again people people make jokes about be dissent of ice cube into into how should we say a respectability but i don't know if we ever foresaw the idea of suspending alanon brazilian coming out there who i have deby page i i can i ask you do win the the suspension in the role of light and uh the barber shop calvin roll like our home in comedy ice cube could possibly did he do it in the triple x or do you do have to have a soft measured voice yeah he's he's definitely charlie explain himself a why why he has to do this you know what i mean to hold out of the morale of being commenced i got to do to say i can't i can't do i'm trying to think well i had a good big joking about it was it was are we bear yet era ice cube and he was summoning.

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