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Madison Reed is reinventing the way women color the hair by offering the quality of salon color, convenience and affordability of at home hair-color, and in a moment free formula with ingredients, you can feel good about and as a guy that smell taking care of that, man. That's a dealmaker right there. I'd rather my girls spent a hundred bucks at a salon instead of doing that. But now it's been solved. My girls can experience beautiful multi dimensional hair-color made in Italy delivered to our door on schedule Furner, twenty five bucks. So you ladies joined the hundreds of thousands of women to try it in Madison Reed. Find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. Madison. We would like to. Honor the Ziglar family with ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit. Madison dash Reed dot com and use the promo code Ziglar. After her careers and attorney in New York City, Linda transformed her hobby of locating hard to find items into a thriving. Luxury consignment company called Linda stuff. What was once? A passion project is now a hundred person company in ninety three thousand square foot facility as a company specializing in high end, previously owned goods reputation is everything integrity and trust are critical part of how the company operates from day. One Linda has counted on pay pal to help give her customers competence and protect your business fraud, even when selling internationally, she's counting on papal every step of the way with pay pal. You can rely on a trusted payments partner the process over twenty five million payments per day growth competence, knowing that you can depend on pay towels readily available customer support and fraud tools to get smarter with each transaction. When it comes to growing your business. Pay pal is your payments partner for today and tomorrow, I've used them as long as I've been in business to visit pay pal dot com slash growth to set up a business account today again sign it for free at pay pal dot com. Com slash growth..

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