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Your damn self so what five websites do you visit daily on the internet and i'll reveal mind as we go through the show but gosh i feel so predictable and most of us were work so i guess that's kind of the thing is that at least people could figure out what i do for a living based on the websites that i visit also something we're going to have to do i think would be awesome maybe in the upcoming weeks the last five google searches that you did because you could drop down the menu how with that your last five google searches don't those reveal a lot about you know what in crime dramas that's always the first thing investigators look at your search history what websites and what information did you search for online and it's a little bit creepy that i can search for something at work on this work desktop and when i get home that will be part of by search history same thing with my phone isn't that weird science computer i don't even know how it happens i just know that when i get home if i'm looking at something on my phone or i'm looking at on my laptop all of my google search history comes up it's not just the one from that particular device very crazy what happens with the cloud are you sinding on a lot of emails on that computer well i signed it on both social media sites as well as every now and then on my g mail of you're on your g mail that's how you're that's how it's all connected your phone gets you the desktop my laptop at home but i'm not signing on my g mail right now allie do that what i need to write some some messages overnight scary eight is google cloud is always watching which is why the location services are not on my phone does not have location services turned on because i do not need every tom dick harry june joe judy and jo to know where i am at all times and be able to find me i know you know that we know that i know everybody know it's after hours here on cbs sports radio five me on twitter ehlo radio on our facebook page what are the top five.

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