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Feeling By the way not sure what's going on with, Joel Anderson deal and we're trying to get Joel line if he wants to, talk about it but he did this illustrates why people don't want to go into politics because there's always, somebody, to go hey I would allege that something did happen here and maybe maybe maybe didn't Here's the the San. Diego union hyphen Tribune. Today it is news so woman files complaint against San Diego lawmaker. Night Joel Anderson state Senator for long time, good guy running for the board of equalization which I've always thought, is a really well if there was a people, get used to that in California we re what's the board of equalization everything, what that really means I know it's to make sure people pay their taxes and stuff nobody gets away, with, not paying their taxes but it sounds like in today's socialist fantasy world In the board. Of equalization why you have too much must, equalize that as you're only allowed to make XYZ Melania Mason's piece in the union hyphen Tribune formerly the daily. Odd says state Senator Joel Anderson, is facing a legislative investigation after a female lobbyist accused him of threatening to I'll just clean this up quote be slapper and harassing or harassing her at a capital area bar last week Stephanie Roberson lobbyists with California nurses association as soon? As a debate? Over the union stuff you know that was going on I'm. Not excusing I don't know what happened there, but I just know that this is, the he said she said thing isn't it or she said he said or did that sounds, like threatened to do the do you realize I would. Think that a, lobbyist understands how Sacramento works, now you don't have, to like how it works but if you want a real lesson you go up there and you hang out. Some of the. Watering holes out there in Sacramento and you just watch how legislation works doesn't excuse it. I'm, just saying so if, that's the case if that's the standard then I wonder if there's anybody even innocent of the bunch. Because there's always somebody get into, a heated argument you don't wanna do I wanna where you can't say that There's due process it's, just that's one of the things he gets reported as if well aha see he did this and I don't. Believe they get. I don't know what happened I wasn't there What are the words again yes due process that's, what, we need you know who's back speaking of politics we. Knew it we've talked about. It Hillary Clinton Well Keep coming back to a, dentist biller posted ivory posted on. Twitter All this is so confusing don't jump in here because I'm. Just? Asking a serious question that deserves a serious answer Hillary's president right and that's what people think what should be the is, because this is illegitimate it is And? You knew when Hillary and. Bill Thomas it Hillary and Bill could when they're out there on the the people's aircraft you're they're. Out? There just with like everyday people sitting there I think there were business class weren't they But on a public. Air carrier instead of a swanky private. Plane So Hillary here's. Saves NBC news Hillary Clinton, steps back into the fray with fundraisers it's, for other Democrats, though but she's got a headline events had California Illinois New York San Francisco Chicago and New. York City for the DNC this fall to boost while, there's what they, say to boost the party's chances of seizing. Control that sounds hostile of the US house. And Senate, first one is going, to be in September on Monday and I'm sorry. This is what they said, the invitations out they said on detentions as, of, last night For September event in San Francisco billed as quote intimate dinners with discussion why are you having for dinner or something like. That difference at this point does it make my favorite, Hillary one is, I love the barking dog part she was. Out in Reno barking like why the dog But the one about her Bush's screeching about having the right to say. Whatever you want to say and it actually plays both ways but. Didn't intend it that way That's one you want to. Warn the dog about because it just it hits a certain frequency Here's more of the, NBC thing I I love how they write this for I know this is the new style but they righted as if That. Lady, needs a lozenge but she should buy. Her own I don't think the people, should pay for it today Clinton the former. Secretary of state is it hasn't even been two years Flus, just just been busy with other things Clinton does NBC news Clinton comma the former secretary of state who stunning loss to Republican Donald Trump in. Two thousand sixteen led to widespread criticism of her campaign strategy and message at least they said that At least it wasn't how does Trump whip what's this electoral college when do they play are they are they opening the. Football season this this weekend Clinton has maintained a? Fairly low profile over? The last? Year and a half unless you've. Made some appearances Interesting pictures going on that speaking of memes early, visine the shower curtain one Just gotta see I don't. Wanna, post it because people will get but it is really, laugh out loud funny It was.

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