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Yeah, I brought it up last week in Bazeley disgust over John shoe, but really gloss over the fact that probably the perfect example of what's going on here and what sort of the problem is because I think I know that you and I both went. Sometimes we looked at, you know, things in a in a positive light where we think like it can't be that bad. You know, can't someone can't be that ruthless with an eighteen year old. Someone can't be that you know short with someone and have really no remorse for it. And then you watch the documentary and you see the guy who's the head coach at Saint Patrick's. I'm not gonna say his name just don't deserve it. Honestly. Any. To see the way that he talked to these kids and it's like we need to win by thirteen. So I get my Nike bonus. And you know, he has a deal independently with Nike, and if these kids aren't wearing Nike yelling at them, and you see something like that and you really have to that guy, you gotta really reassessed the whole thing because you're like, no, there are some shitty people that are that are really playing into this whole thing across the board Ed. Here's the, here's a face. I mean that that guy is the perfect face for like, what is wrong with all this. You know what I mean? This is just gotten too far for this gotta to have an independent contract and to be force-feeding this stuff down these kids throats. I mean, it's it's not even about basketball, which is the saddest part right for me and you who love basketball. It's like this guy doesn't even care about basketball. He just cares about winning and getting paid by Nike, basically. It makes me sick. Makes me sick to my core. No, I'd screw that guy really worth. That was my one take away the documentary itself by the way, probably not worth watching. If you have listening, it's not. I'll watch it. Come on what? Oh, Cali. Yeah, you should definitely watch. Not that great with documentary, put a enough for me. That was my one take away. That was like, the one thing I learned was like, that guy sucks. That guy was cool. Can you believe that he signed a, like an like to let his face be shown in the documentary? I know I could not believe that I was like blur my face out if I'm that much of a shit Ed cameras. Yeah, look cameras into his locker room or is yelling at his players to win by more so he can get his bonus. All the players like just staring out like so desolate and said, it's like, man, this is horrible. Like caught it said it said he was the head coach and the principal at the school. You never what. Never want that. He was actually never basketball coach. She just seems like, you know, this looks pretty easy. I just do this. Have you? I don't mean to impose my thoughts on our listeners tape, but those of you who are listening, you have a child who might be entering high school and you want to you, can you know you're blessed enough to be able to send them to private school and you're shopping around trying to find the right private school to send your child to. If you come across a school where the principal of the school, the head basketball coach run like hell is my advice. Yes, to not go to that school? Yes, don't don't. They don't care about us students at all. I, I will. I wanna do a commercial, you know, because he's technically a Nike athlete says. So if he is ideal, he's technically it Nike athlete. So I wanted to do a commercial with all those coaches that are just like out of shape and shitty. But they're doing like athletic stuff. You know, it's just like just do it and it's like dropping the bags. I gotta breath like getting their cash and all those guys. That's what we need. You guys get out another tangent because. We really have to talk about. We really have to talk about Zion, but you're gonna give me on another tangent about like every time you watch these documentaries or you hear reports or you just go to literally any a you event..

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