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Someone like drew brees. WHO's over here? Like? Oh, well. I don't stand for disrespecting. The flag and kneel lead innocent. That's not wooded out. You're a grown ass man. You have black people in your life because they're on your team and you don't understand. Were happening was coming from you. Know what I mean like. Don't like if you said that. She had a long time ago, and it was like a teenager. I might feel differently about it, but like no, you knew exactly what you're saying. And that's the thing to like with the media, and then also the white man. They want to change the narrative things, so it sounds better for them and worse for us so again cabinet was dishonoring the troops. How dare you, but he was taking a knee because of police brutality, but nobody wanted to talk about that and he got fired and blacklisted, and now everyone's like all damn like yeah, that's the. For something back then, and it's like really and then. You had your breezy like wobble then issuing an apology a day later, ruling never meant to hurt anybody I understand that there is injustice thin. Why did you say that yesterday like it's not like years apart when you had time to grow when all this stuff like you're just trying to save your ass at this point, but I was like man. I hope they do I. Don't know if you saw that movie. The movie with Adam Sandler called along yard. He goes to jail and he's. He's a football player. And then they play the guards, but he ended like messing up the game on purpose, because the word in threatened him, and then his team finds out so then they stop blocking for him, and he's just gains smashed and smashed, and he's a right right like you do. Try to win this game, but it's like I kind of hope that they like the Lineman. Just kind of be like oop and tip over, and then he could just get smashed one time to. Get. You deserve that. And I think you bring up important points, and that could translate to humans now the so the whole canceled thing because I think we also. Winning to own up to what we say, and also does it matter right like I've been corrected many times for things that I've said that I had to unlearn because I didn't know what. I didn't know what I say them again..

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