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Sky low of 44 Tomorrow and Sunday. Most sunny with highs in the mid sixties to near 70. It's 41 degrees. Nearly 40 million people are expected to travel in the U. S this holiday weekend and for many of them like this flyer at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport. It's a return to the skies. Plus, I'm traveling since last year, February way going to New York for a wedding and we will excited about it. Many others are hitting the road despite gas prices that are on average $1 higher than this time a year ago President invited will speak today in Virginia, he's expected a talented nation's progress in fighting the pandemic. Senate Republicans today expected to use the filibuster to block the establishment of a commission to study the January 6th. U. S. Capitol violence. Three Tacoma, Washington Police officer said to be arraigned today on criminal charges stemming from the March 2020 death of an unarmed black man on the Japanese government opted to extend a coronavirus state of emergency to June 20th clouding the rescheduled Olympics. In Maura Uncertainty, the president of the organizing committee hinted that even local fans may not be allowed in tow Watch. Ryan Clark. ABC News, citing unlimited wtmj news time 5 31 from the WTMJ Breaking news Center. Wisconsinites Catching the travel bug this weekend is well. TMJ. Fours rain. Jenkins had Mitchell Airport this morning. We've seen waves of people already this morning in starting today, industry experts are saying airports will be bustling and roads are going to be packed. And they say that's thinks tomb or vaccinations and fewer cove in 19 related restrictions and people. Are just ready to get out. Travel expected to be up 60% from last year and Triple A is predicting there will be 52% more people hitting the road roughly 34 million Americans this weekend also expected to be more expensive. Across the board. Gas prices have been up along with airfare, hotel rates and rental cars. Yes, prices at seven year highs. The city of Walkinshaw, meanwhile, honoring Vietnam veterans during this Memorial Day, we have sized replica of the Vietnam Memorial is going up in Walker's house frame. Mark this weekend. It was just something that we thought would bring honor to our veterans. Adam accuse the city special events coordinator People can visit the wall find the same names that are on the wall in Washington, D. C. It was two years in the making,.

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