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The court imposed deadline under this month they say they will not be doing dna tests and that they will not be checking the backgrounds of the other individuals the other adults where these children are expected to end up rosa florez reporting they added it could add placed kids in danger rather but judge dana sabre in san diego wrote in an order that unfortunately quote hhs appears to be operating in a vacuum entirely divorced when the undisputed circumstances of the case and quote us officials are saying that north korea's working on a time line for the transfer of servicemembers remains after talks today to talk about the return of more than five thousand remains of us servicemembers still missing from the korean war changed north korea no one could be short down we are now hearing that the agreement is fourteen to twenty one days of course barbara starr reporting the president and his team arrived in helsinki for the meeting with russian president vladimir putin but under the shadow of recent indictment the president and first lady walked off air force one was an entourage of embassador and finish officials waiting for them the large part of the backdrop for these meetings is the indictments by robert muller's team friday alleging twelve russians were specifically engaged in hacking efforts during the twenty sixteen campaign speaking with cbs news mr trump says yes he'll bring the hacking and expects ladimir putin to again deny it plus he's ready to blame the opposition i think the dnc should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked they had bad defenses the president's own intelligence chiefs say moscow is trying to affect the outcome of the midterm elections with putin's blessing bob costantini with the president in helsinki wins news time six fifty one expanded traffic and transit from the ram trucks traffic center here is gloria troppo looking at the south on major deegan emc some slowdowns going into the cross bronx and that's all because of an earlier accident of course there's just a lot of people heading south in that direction as well westbound cross bronx has pockets of delay from the bronx river parkway into the george washington bridge and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the george washington bridge inbound is thirty to thirty five minutes and a little bit slow just getting across the span outbound twenty to twenty five on both levels the lincoln tunnel you're gonna see a twenty to twenty five minute wait inbound ten to fifteen on the outbound side ten or fifteen in both directions at the holland tunnel to eighty seven in new jersey northbound exit fiftyseven still dealing with that fuel spill and tractortrailer fire it's got the right lane blocked now here's what we see on long island's big three starting to see those delays building up fairly quickly on the e westbound as you make your way from post road into the cross island parkway westbound state house some delays from lakeville road into the cross and the westbound seven state expect some slowdowns from the member into exit seventeen meanwhile if you're taking poucher ends all pat transit train stations are closed between christopher and west thirty third street while they install positive train controls you can take the world trade center train and.

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