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Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red One 15 with rob woodfork the nationals beat the Giants 11 5 in San Francisco and in so doing totaled 28 runs on 45 hits in 27 innings to win the three game series lucius Fox was a big part of it He had his first two major league hits and first stolen base telling Madison it's basically payback Yeah man they came to our place and they swept us We took that personal Nobody's coming to our place and thinking they can just run over us but we believe in our ability And we know that we will go ahead and see him We'll be good pitch we can play defense We just a matter of time before our biases came alive and it's advised over here and we can just get started So is Josiah gray after 6 scoreless innings of one hit ball to improve to three and two yadiel Hernandez had a career high 5 RBI the Orioles two hour rain delay wasn't enough to take their momentum in a 9 5 win over the Red Sox to take the three game set Ian Baltimore The Washington spirit were also victorious before their victory lap at Audi field beating the OL reign to one before the team received their championship rings The Washington commanders dealt their way from 6 bits to 8 total selections in the NFL Draft adding to its skill positions on offense and beefing up the line play on each side of the ball general manager Martin mayhew I don't want to play any more pressure on these players They're all young They're all rookies All of them have a very bright future with us and we believe in these guys and it's hard for me to find one that I don't think and eventually become a starter Meet all of Washington's rookie editions on WTO P dot com NBA playoffs Golden State and Milwaukee both go on the road to take one O leads in their second round series the Maryland women's basketball program added former Vanderbilt leading scorer brene Alexander via the transfer portal rob which worked.

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