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And you've kind of accustomed your gate. This is going day to day week to week prohib- so one week he might be able to jump up and dunk next week he might go to do the exact same thing. All of a sudden he's not wearing needs to be. And that's how you see him airball pretty much a layup that we saw early Jim right every time enforcing the finish through momentum over our trees down low. I it's interesting because I still feel like we're not giving enough credit for doing what he is doing as injured and hobbled as he may be. We don't even know exactly how bad he feels every single game but it's not Kuwata Kawai is, is the main focal point. It's because everyone else around him as playing wealth than bleed you have Lowery. You have Markelle solve. All these guys are playing well around him. If this was a take thirty nine shots Kawai that. We saw in the Philly series they would be struggling, right? That's where they needed more help. And he got more help from his guy, I would agree with you on giving him credit though, because it was a year ago that the narrative was that he's not willing to play through injury. And now look look look at what that does messiah jury and the rest of the guys say, hey, this is on your timetable when you want to play will allow you to play whatever way. And he's playing through injuries but injured for the past two ploughs Sears. Yeah. And it's why they did give him time off. They managed his load obviously early on. But he is in a situation now where if they need him, it does feel like he could step up. Big mixture, though. If you're a big time player that low management. Yeah, always whatever them out on this show too. So anyway, just getting time to run the brunt. My head. Go ahead. Kyle Lowry guys bounceback reporting few performance. He's for twenty three points, including five threes, RJ what impress you by Lowery. Well he just plays the game. It's not so much with impresses me is what's frustrates me. Like you know that he's capable of being aggressive and catches and shoot and does so many different things for their teeth. They are a great team. I'm not even talking about the amount of money that he makes but when he plays with this type of confidence, and, again, the warriors are hobbled so you should have a little bit more food for on your offense than not having to chase around all the stars. Jay Bill boogie cousins. He played nineteen nine minutes didn't bring much offensively. But it's probably not fair for taking the blame. It's just coming back down to reality. I mean this is his third game bag. Second game. He played extremely well, but still, I mean, the Petillo on your body. You know, you've talked about your body being sore. You just couldn't find out rhythm but we shouldn't be cousins in the third game back to be twenty five and fifteen type players. This goes to show you how hobbled this team is okay? This is fascinating, though. The The row. raptors own a two games to one lead in this NBA finals. These are sportsbook, has this series dead heat, both team, minus one tenth, but our basketball power index now gives the rafters, a sixty eight percent chance to.

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