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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates home and Renter's insurance not available in all states provided and serviced by affiliated and third party insurers discounts vary and are not available in all states and situations and now comes the time in every hit parade the bridge episode where we do some Trivia and joining me on the line from Jersey City. New Jersey. Is Mike Mike? Are you there? I am Chris. Hey how are you? I'm good I'm doing really well now. My understanding is you and I have actually met before because you came to my events in September at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Right. That's right yeah so You were there Talking about your Woodstock episode as Italian with the anniversary of Woodstock and I believe your your parents were there and I was also there with my mom Who's also found the shelf and actually gave me this Plus subscription. Oh see that's fantastic so we have. We have mom to thank. For the reason you are even able to be our trivia contestant this month we do well. That's as good times any for me to remind everybody that while. This bridge episode is available to all hip raid subscribers. We only open our trivia rounds to slate plus members. So if you are a member would like to be a trivia contestant visit slate dot com slash hit parade sign up. That's slate dot com slash. Hit parade sign up also. Mike should tell you that joining us on the line for this episode of the bridge is Wesley Morris. From The New York Times Wesley say hi. Hey Mike how are you good? Thanks fantastic so You know how this works Mike but just to remind everybody. I'm going to ask you three Trivia questions. The first will be a callback to our most recent episode of Hip Parade and the next two will be a preview of our forthcoming episode of hip rate. Are you ready for some trivia? Ready Excellent here. We go question one last month. I ran down Whitney Houston's stunning chart records including the first woman to debut at number one on the album chart with her Whitney album before the charts were computerized with the soundscan system. Only six albums. Total debuted on top before soundscan. Which of these was not one of them. A stevie wonder songs in the key of life be Prince Purple Rain. See Bruce Springsteen live or d Michael Jackson bad so I do not remember you mentioning the Purple Rain. Filling goal is T- principally that is absolutely correct though. It was a blockbuster. Purple Rain took four weeks to reach the top of the album chart whereas stevie wonder Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson. Lp's all opened on top excellent. Mike that's one down. You've got to go. Are you ready for our preview trivia? Ready all right here. We go question to all four of these artists performed live on the nineteen ninety nine grammy awards however who among them went into the night having never scored a top forty pop album or single and came away a superstar with number ones on both charts within three months. A Britney Spears be Shania Twain see Alanis Morissette Or D. Ricky Martin Chris. What year is this? One thousand nine hundred ninety nine ninety nine okay okay. Ninety-nine okay Artists you mentioned were already successful at that point but I feel like ninety nine might have been the the big year for Ricky Martin. So I'M GONNA go with the Ricky Morton and that would be correct. The correct answer is d. Ricky Martin all three women were already platinum sellers and or chart-toppers on Grammy Night. One thousand nine hundred nine Ricky Martin. A Latin pop star delivered an electrifying version of the cup of life. Aka. Loco LA VIDA by May. He had America's top album and salt spectacular. You're doing very well Mike. Are you ready for question three? I'm ready here. We go question three during the Latin pop boom on the charts at the turn of the millennium all four of these acts scored number ones on the hot one hundred but three did so in nineteen ninety nine while one had to wait several years longer. Who did not score a number one pop hit until the two thousand dollars a sh- Akira be and Rica. Iglesias see Jennifer Lopez or D Carlos. Santana all right so the one that I remember a little further along possibly. Would it be a secure? You have done it. That is correct. Shakira did not issue her first English language album until two thousand one and her first number one pop hit came in two thousand. Six with hips. Don't lie like Ricky Martin all three of the others Iglesias Lopez and Santana top. The hot one hundred in one thousand nine hundred nine superb. You've run the table on the trivial. Well done Mike Nice job. That's great good job very much. Thanks so I understand. You have a trivia question for me. Is that right? I do all right ready. I'm ready as I'll ever be in the years. Two thousand to two thousand ten. There were no Spanish language number ones on the billboard. One hundred but a few songs in Spanish did hit the top forty which had the most billboard top forty hits in Spanish in the two thousand. A pit bull. Beat Daddy Yankee see Shakira or D. Ricky Martin. This is a great question because all four of those artists had numerous hits in the top forty during the two thousands but the question is specifically who had them in Spanish and the only top forty hit. I remember secure. Having in Spanish is actually my favorite single by her. The one she did with that Assam's locked old tuna. I love that record so but I don't think she had very many other. Spanish language wants to going to eliminate her and this also appeared. Repeatable is kind of a reggae tone star. But he's still singing English a lot so I think it's either people or Daddy Yankee and I'm GonNa go ahead and say Daddy Yankee. That is correct answers. Yes he had four hits in the billboard top forty by the year two thousand ten including two thousand four's gasoline and two thousand seven's collaboration with Burgi impact shoo. I'm glad I'm puzzled. That one out mostly. Did you have any idea because man I was just using deductive logic. I would've guessed daddy Yankee just because I mean I don't know if I can count the number of times of her pit bull do his thing in in in Spanish I mean I have but not in a big debate. Certainly not an all-spanish rate. Well it was a good round for all of us Mike. You got all of your questions right. I got my question right so I just want to say thanks so much for being hip raid listener and joining us on the bridge. Thanks so much for having me so as you could hear from those last two Trivia questions our next episode of Hip Parade will be about Latin pop crossover on the American charts. This year's Jaylo insecure halftime show at Super Bowl reminded us all the power of Latin Crossover. It was a big moment for Spanish language artists Latin pop however the Latin boom of twenty years ago. The one that made Ricky Martin famous was kind of a half step. The moment when J. Lo and Shakira became famous as well because all of those hits were in English by the late tens Spanish language pop hits were starting to crossover on their own terms and not necessarily by adding English versus although of course that helped and we will talk about how Spanish language music has crossed over on the charts over multiple decades right up to the present day. So look out for that in our next episode of Hit parade. My thanks to Wesley Morris for joining me for this episode of the Bridge Wesley. The Best Place for folks to read or listen to you is at the New York Times right and are there other places folks should check you out. Well Geno worth them and I are going to do a live still processing show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Aka Bam In a month on April ninth. We're going to probably be. We're GONNA be talking about things not unrelated to this show. We not. We're not going to spend a lot of time with Whitney Houston or we were going to mention like one aspect of her But we're going to spend a lot of time talking about the bodacious awesomeness of black women from like nineteen eighty two to about nineteen eighty ninety five or ninety six and connect that era. Are Those eras to Liz? Oh and Nagin. The Stallion Cardi B. Today that sounds amazing. I look forward to that. Thanks again. Wesley this episode of Hip Raid. The bridge was produced by offcial solution. And I'm Chris Melinda keep on marching.

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