President Trump, Jim Colmey, White House discussed on Examining Politics - A Look Ahead to James Comey's Testimony


So um you know it is important and while i think there was a little there were some mockery in her some derision in the press wind president put that line in the the letter that fire jim colmey um it whether you thought that was a worth the ridicule or not um it it does play an important part now because as you know i really do believe that he he may have the latitude to answer those questions say more than questions they get deeper into the investigation do you have any predictions of what what we might learn what the big reveals might be well we've already got report from abc news that says you know the the testimony will be difficult for the white house to stomach but that combing is going to say the president stopped short of obstructing justice um and so my expectation is that a director colmey will uh luke probably detail conversations or interactions with the president in such a way that um it looks about as bad as it can be for the white house up to that point of obstruction of justice hub that uh because even at that point again it just gets difficult for colmey to explain his own actions and behaviour after those conversations would have happened in february that's my anticipation it's going to be a fascinating developing story that you can follow here in washington examiner thanks todd for joining us dan examining health bureau with us again.

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