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To the hospital with head and neck injuries of you more feed in our direction the story would be different be released of losing her in ended skirts still here so which is scary thing stirred when conditions we've been getting lightly it's an old when there is a lot of rain kitsap and soil and it makes the free follower easier and not too far from this house i would see this winter that before fat strong winds could force washed out to close the westbound i90 throwing bridge between mercer island in seattle officials see wind and wave analysis shows that i made me bridges more susceptible to damage during strong quarterly when defence august at the bridges to the east the wind from the north reaches twenty six miles an hour sustained and we get twofoot high w our wind waves then that's something we're gonna to take steps to close the bridge just to extend the life of the perch ed match this theme bridge chris travelled out before getting to his grandma's to see the damage the wind at done bear went out to sea earlier today and was comeback cross i90 bridge and calls getting thrown around in my truck i mean the winds were strong chris says his grandma is expected to be okay now officials say make sure you check out bridge conditions before you head out at carlos jimmy batons reporting and as we breached for colder temperatures cold weather shelters are opening up the city of seattle will open there's at seven pm at seattle center exhibition hall later tonight in rented the old cheaper building on rear avidly will be openended snohomish county people were asked to meet at the lynnwood city hall no later than seven to be shuttled to their warming shelter komo news time is eleven 04 let's check aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours here's curtis go hill luckily despite the winter storm we have no stalls or collisions being reported in the seattle and tacoma areas as a brain now no restrictions on snoqualmie pass a little bit of snow and slush in places though so take your time drive safely both boarding bridges looking good as well as well throughout his of i five through downtown your next traffic report eleven fourteen hurt as hell.

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