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When i was younger that i looked like george clooney a serious when i was younger storm god's yellow have a burger and you're right nostril so does clooney vcc don limits our show with this still god's on espn radio espn radio is presented by progressive insurance guest on the dan liver dr jo appear via the shell penjab performance line here's your sports at our update tom brady tied the nfl quarterback record for regular season wind with one hundred eighty six as the patriots held off the buccaneers nineteen the fourteen on thursday night brady tied red farm and peyton manning box head coach dirk carter was noncommittal about the status of kicker nick falk after he missed three field goals he also missed two cakes last week at an extra point in box of last second win over the giants and finally therese gibson took to his instagram and spoke out about the delay in fast and furious filming and blamed his costar dwayne the rock johnson for holding up production tie reaches blistering caption on an f nine logo is as follows hashtag psa congratulations to at the rock and your brother in law aka seven bucks producing partner at h h garcia forty one for making a fast and furious franchise about you and like you dj even if they call i will not be deleting this post night folks zia in 2020 april hashtag fast family right now it's about hashtag team dwayne hashtag three years will be worth the weighed hashtag no shaw just hobbs will this be another hashtag baywatch guys just relax.

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