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It's All Things Considered from NPR news Ahmadi corn and I'm ari Shapiro Airbnb has been competition for hotel now some people are using the service for long term renting I got into kind of a time crunch and I turned out like the cheapest and best thing that I could do was to Airbnb also we hunted down the actual impeachment handbook more on that afternoons line is from NPR news in Culver city California I'm doing police like hell tell after hours of emotional and heated debate lawmakers will soon vote on articles of impeachment earlier White House adviser kellyanne Conway said it is a sad day for America as the democratic led house prepares to vote on the impeachment of president trump and peers Asia Rawska reports the trump that the trump administration officials continue to argue the house inquiry was unfair to the president kellyanne Conway says president trump does not think impeachment will diminishes record but he does think it will reflect badly on Democrats this is a legacy of people who have been so focused and hell bent on removing him from office on not getting the story or getting you a job in your district but getting the president's Conway said trump was monitoring the house proceedings throughout the day trump's and a flood of tweets about impeachment at one point he tweeted in all caps quote this is an assault on America Democrats are argue they are carrying out their constitutional duty to address presidential misconduct I use Roscoe MPR news the White House and in prison weaker economist is the winner of the European union's highest human rights honor the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought teri Schultz reports the daughter of ill Humm Toti received the award on behalf of her father whom she hasn't seen since his arrest your elim believes her father must be in one of the Chinese government re education camps were up to one point five million members of the country's Muslim Uighur minority are believed to be detained she says her family hasn't had any news about him since twenty seventeen Ilham touchy anaconda Mr spoke out about the hardships and forced by Beijing on the Uighurs he was jailed for life on charges of separatism your elements urging politicians academics and students to protest against the treatment of the Uighurs fiat Chrysler automobiles and French automaker PSA group have signed a binding merger agreement the deal will create the world's fourth largest automaker as Michigan radius Tracy Selten reports the merger will bring together two companies that survived close calls Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy in two thousand nine to become fiat Chrysler PSA was in financial trouble as recently as twenty fourteen PSAs current CEO Carlos to virus is credited with bringing PSA back from the brink and he will become CEO of the new company the merger brings under one roof the profitable jeep and ram brands alongside Alfa Romeo and Maserati Peugeot and opal the company's claim there will be no plant closures and that cost savings will come from economies of scale the two companies say they'll come up with the name for the new company in the coming months for NPR news I'm Tracy Samuelson the trump administration is today proposing more mandatory limits for asylum seekers making those who have been convicted of felonies or certain other crimes such as entering the country illegally or driving while under the influence in eligible for asylum meanwhile a handful of groups including the innovation lab in Oregon filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming the immigration quit system has become what they say is a deportation machine I'm doing a lease I cannot tell NPR news in Culver city California thank.

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