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Some days but it had no future is going nowhere. They saw what. I saw her abrahams on that show. You only had to meet here a tv executive or an advertising executive. It was seem to me. You don't meet with them once. Yes determine. I ain't minister this dude. Yeah so i didn't fan of and had nothing to do with the m us that you wft name or all that stuff relevant but the boys got to mexico pay days. That's the only silver lining. I could find that whole train wreck around the same time. The george saharan trowel is going to begin. We know it's going to play a major factor in all things professional wrestling where you keeping a keen eye on this through the news through the quote unquote dirt sheets. Or is this just the talk of the business. What's going on with the wbf's steroid trial here. Well there was a. It was a topic that while guys enjoyed conversing about saint like i got my information from the observer was seemed to be very accurate and i got it from the york post online because nobody really knew what all going on and all that and we had worked somebody say. What do you pay that much attention to. Wcw monday night wars. No i'd have time or what would have been that. Yeah well you know. A guy like me that has early onset dementia. My gosh seriously conrad. You can't laugh there's various crime. No i'm for it and we know what now that i know you lock it. We'll just start making dementia jokes have dementia t shirts. Hey let's talk about the p. In news and dan spivey here a weird sense here. But dan spivey is cut loose refusing to put over tom's in a tag match and then he refused to put over p news so they refuse to keep paying him. He's out. what are you remember spivey walking on the idea of losing zinc in news. Who cares well dandy cared and Proud guy oh school and he was like one another guy other guys. They believed that losses on tv. Like that would damage his career. Which i disagree with but you know it's his career. Yeah i we. We knew there's juice there because later on became away with mercy. Yeah waylon mercy was powerful cured powerful shirt.

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