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And I was like, well, that's Kinda cool. Like I'm GonNa be like, well, thank you trade trade foul for one of his members and you know my dad wore number five when he raced motocross and everything and I was, you know what it's like. Can you try and get that number five for me and So. We're able to do that deal with they're. Very cool about it You know obviously I understand why he wanted to be. That in I was like you know. Fennel thin like reason give me. You know five number which is going to send to and he was very cool about it. We're made that swap and I was actually very happy about it. Well, the one. Eight eight they're doing. The one thing about that is that certain numbers look fast. Five looks fast yeah. I. Don't care what you use. It still looks fast. Right so I mean that's a cool number I mean. It's nice to be able to make a number year on because like the eight. Associated With Junior So. It's nice to have a number that you can associate with yourself I. We talk about it all the time. Matt we were trying to add up all the current Virginia drivers and Xfinity Cup, this state has produced. A ton of great drivers. Whether you know and and you're one of them you are part of our race in Virginia, family? Hopefully this won't be the last time we talked to you our job here. is to promote drivers and tracks, and of all kinds like what we're going to be talking drag racing next but it but we talked drag racing interest previously. But but the thing is is that you know we want to make sure that the fans out there understand that Virginia is bad, ASS Straight up bad, ass. Because we have some of the best drivers in the country right here in our state that are competing every week in xfinity and cup and truck. Right. definitely.

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