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Apple watch somebody put together when the original one came out, but it would be cool for apple did that, you know, make a PDF that that you could print that that you could cut out really delicately and put on your wrist, see how it looks, or somebody make that flooding star and try it on. What are you doing. Their first day and you don't need to know what do you mean to have it on one? You didn't even need to watch. You said I wasn't going to by watching Elvis on you see one, what's your hurry? Where are you going to be? I gotta talk to on the show. You're welcome. Hey, I'm doing this for you. It does look a lot better than the old one. One of the things. One of things I put in there was a link to. Was it also Penn Mahorn? I don't remember someone's tweet had a picture of the watches from the side, showing the series three and series four, both in him the big size, but fearing on side again to get the thickness thing, you know? So there is a measurable difference, although I'm still not entirely sure what apple is measuring, whether they're measuring the lump, they're not the screen or they're just measuring the metal part or they're not measuring the lump. I assure you, are they measuring the screen on top? Yes, they're measuring the top to the top of the screen to the bottom of the case. Not counting the lump. All right. Well, whatever the measuring, it's weird so, but in the side view, again, this is like a less than a millimeter differences point point, seven millimeters and you would think, well, that's so small. You won't even notice. It. Also take a look. This image. We'll put in the show in tweet with them from the side. This is from a tweeter. I mean back about five other that the difference is noticeable like, oh, you'll notice it. Human beings will notice it guaranteed like you would not be confused if you gave these to watch that, hey, which one is. Thicker. And if you look at the watches like this is what was coming through in the pictures, like the picture was a weird angle, whatever. This is not a weird angle. This is pretty much dead on side with as another picture. Also put on the show from Apple's website showing just the series three from the side. The trick is and I just measured this with x cope..

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