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Just like this i have no idea what that is okay great maybe he's just a nine that's probably what it is so i i love you mentioned clown fish clown fish are interesting because a lot of times the wave he's gender switches occur in nature are the very specific so it's not just a free for all what day or month do we feel like being what thing or other thing so in clown fish there's this hierarchy and there's always a female fish who is like the queen of the clown matriarch yeah the matriarch of the clowns that sounds somehow infinitely more respectful but when she dies the most dominant male changes sex and becomes the matriarch of of the clowns and in the cycle starts again but the frogs in this study the african clawed frogs are not meant to do this no do you remember that was the name of carbons frog stuffed animal was clawed frog really yep so like i'm assuming cla you d like claude claude you know but just little aside there for good reason maybe may maybe matt stone and trey parker we're trying to warn everyone you know they they they have been pretty prescient about certain things in the show from over the years that's true luckily humans unlike frogs don't spend our lives laying around and water i mean most of us yeah the ssume that isn't assumption however the levels of atrazine the frogs were exposed to again are still below the safety threshold for the epa and at this point we didn't find any proof any proof full stop that this was part of an overall plan to quote increase homosexuality in the human population and honestly it's difficult to will what would the motivation be would it be to decrease the population or something over a long long time because the.

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