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The phone is gio Gonzalez with wallet have welcome what were the metric some of the things you looked out to come up with the rankings what are we looking almost fifty different indicators the friendliness Peter so everything from what if there were any health related factors to overall quality of life and how did Kentucky do you unfortunately out of all fifty states Kentucky rain at the bottom and number fifty and why is that well what were so bad at it particularly poorly when it comes to health care and the quality of life to those two categories really brought it down what do you what do you mean by quality of life out how I mean we have the quality is great everything from the general population aged sixty five and after the kind of with like minded people but also looks like at least friendly labor market a lot of times you have to come out of retirement to a text that it you consideration as well and things like that shortline mileage of course there's a bagel halls number and extensibility those things as well so we didn't do too badly apparently in the rate of pretty crime what crime rate especially for property crimes which older people tend to be more victims killed at Kentucky didn't do too badly at all so that was one of its better metric and what about life expectancy all right expectancy is that not too high in Kentucky and that certainly feathered friend and at most states there including Kentucky has some of the lower and life expectancy numbers like early seventies so what is the the best day to retire yes here the best state was Florida is a follow buyers owner not surprisingly Arizona it doesn't do too well when it comes to affordability princes buying a home in Florida buying a home in Arizona two very different things and healthcare in Arizona is not as good either so what is the second one it was actually Colorado okay and what besides Kentucky is in the the basement okay said what number fifty above that where West Virginia New Jersey or Rhode Island in New Mexico okay all right Joe Gonzalez is with wallet hub and people can go to look in depth that wallet have dot com we had here while it had dot com to see where each state ranks and why all right thank you so much till till next time yet have a good one you too bye bye this is your energy savings minute it's been said that everyone has only six degrees of separation from each person on earth that may or may not be true but what is true is that.

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