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All right, so we are going through this GQ cover piece on AOC who indeed is sort of the culmination of the merger of celebrity and politics in our society, which really spells the end of a serious America. It does. I'm sorry, there are actual serious people in the world today who make aggressive moves against the United States. And we have decided instead to delegate the most powerful country in world history with the most robust constitutional system in world history to a bunch of dunder headed idiots who seek celebrity status. That is what we've decided to do. Yeah, Xi Jinping seeking full authoritarian rule in China and aggressively seeking to expand his borders. You have Vladimir Putin, who's aggressively expanding his borders in Ukraine. And you have a bunch of celebrity politicians in the west who have decided that their main goal is to speak about the Green New Deal and or appear on Emmy broadcasts. We are not, we are not a serious civilization. We just are not. And AOC is the culmination of that. Again, I'm not saying that AOC started this. She didn't. AOC is essentially the ideological child of people like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. The attempt by the left to merge celebrity and politics. So this piece by Wesley Lowry is just the ultimate example of this. Again, she's on the cover of GQ. Quote, for a fleeting moment in front of the Supreme Court, it was possible to see the full, complicated public totality of the woman we've come to know as AOC. A 32 year old second term congresswoman representing one of the country's most diverse districts by diverse districts means racial diverse, not ideologically diverse, it's universally Democrat. A certified celebrity, arguably more famous than any other person in American politics without the last name Obama or Trump, beloved and loathed at competing ends of the political spectrum. Constitutionally opposed to sitting down, shutting up and conforming to the patriotic play theater of Washington, the right wing's night terror in the flesh. We're not afraid of AOC as a human. We're afraid of her crap ideas being implemented. And we're sort of afraid of the fact that the entire media liquor boots despite the fact that she's a radical who stands for wrecking all of the major institutions. To many foot soldiers of the fractured contradictory coalition, that is the progressive left, she represents something singular. The futures, as Wesley Lowery, man, Prada couldn't have written this better. A revolutionary on the rise, a revolutionary, she's an elected official, by the way. Your elected officials are not supposed to be revolutionaries. That's not what that job is for. The clear heir to an ascendant progressive movement, the best and possibly last, depending on how quickly some of the combination of fascism, religious fundamentalism, fundamentalism, and climate change comes for us all. Chance, a source of hope that things can get better in their lifetimes. A lot of that was about human need Ocasio-Cortez said of why she took to the streets that day about providing just a very real position that this is not over and we're not giving up. You are in control of Congress. Democrats are in control of the Congress of the United States and the Senate. And the presidency. Go back to your office, lady. But she's not. She's out in the streets because this is all about platform building. That's the entire thing. And of course, it's all about how she is a moral exemplar. And we know she's a moral on GQ's cover, obviously. That's how you know she's a moral exemplar. In those weeks after rose demise, Ocasio-Cortez was ubiquitous. Actually, she's been ubiquitous, literally since she entered Congress. At rallies and on TV demanding that her colleagues move with urgency to protect access to reproductive health services, calling on men in particular to share their stories of how they had benefited from decades of legally protected abortion. I love the now men are supposed to speak about abortion. So before, you're not if you're a man who opposes you're supposed to sit down and shut up. Because you're a man, men aren't supposed to talk. If you're a man who backs AOC's agenda, then you're supposed to talk. By the way, she really reveals something truly ugly about the pro choice movement, the radical pro choice movement that she represents here. This is a quote for her about about abortion. Get ready for this. Quote, for almost every woman that has gotten an abortion, there's a man, was either been affected or liberated by that abortion to. Saying the quiet part out loud there. A lot of men, like killing babies, because it liberates them. Yeah. Awkward. But she says that men should speak out about abortion now. And she has some ideas about gender. She says, quote, I think there's plenty of well meaning reasons why men may feel it's not appropriate for them to talk about it. I think sometimes the way white folks don't like to talk about race. And they say, we just want to censor the person who's most impacted. So it's not my role to do anything or take a space and speak up. But we know that when white folks take up space and say the right thing in rooms of other white people, that is the most shifting activity that can happen. More sometimes than any protest or any person writing a letter to the editor or anything like that. We need men to be speaking up in that way as well. But I think men sometimes they think I'm not a woman. This doesn't affect me the most. I love the double standard here from people like AOC. It's the same as ibram X kendi. Shut up if you're a white person and you're in the room with a black person and you're talking about right, shut your face. If you're a man, you're room with a woman and abortion comes up, you shot your face. But if you represent our message to other white people, and the power is with you.

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