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Show an eighty six in ruby which means always means it's a little warmer probably humid eighty six in europe is is eighty six is hot but you were looking even farther ahead i always look you know we've had we've had beautiful weather up till now if this is accurate what i'm getting on my weather app they're calling for some pretty significant storms and rain next week in the app so the writers are gonna go from all this hot weather dry too colder weather with rain with climbs into sense and it'll be it'll be a shock if that in you know in deeds indeed is true that that it does rain and it gets chilly hate one thing i wanna note because i always say this and they never do it and it just because it makes so much sense to do it that's me that's my phone mondays the rest of the normally always transfer on the rest of it i think that makes no sense but actually making the transfer tomorrow night after the stage so you get through the stage having earlier finished which helps the transfer and then they're gonna fly down to honesty which i think for the rider just get down there get settled get situated and then spend your rest day resting and recovering a small ride focusing on diet they typically okay you're not sitting on a plane that whole thing takes hours i'm just thinking anyone who travels often in most of us have done it some that's not a restful thing i never thought about that they usually would travel on arrestee there knocking out the night before so they really truly could get arrested fresh agree a love at point a love it in the poor staff case you're wondering about these saps stage they get to drive seven hundred eighty kilometers from rebbe down honesty that's about five hundred miles until late that's brutal brutal brutal the support really goes into it all right if i'm going to mention this in gives it up some more questions and comments for lance if you didn't hear yesterday's show you've you've got to hear the the question that came in at the end of it y'all just say that that was that was i just posted that this morning on my instagram and by the way i because i talked about him yesterday and tagged him in the post i started following mario cipollini yeah he's not verified doesn't have an official account ship not be verified i mean we this is absurd yeah he's cipollini you'll have to you'll ever got laid on the tudor france has not verified that just just that alone gets verified what did you ever do world champion milansan remo you know the all right andy make intercourse i'll get i'll give these questions and comments ready for you last bit a business let's talk about our friends at at high brew coffee cold brew for those who do i mean that's made for us j b six different flavors all natural energy two cups of coffee per and the thing i mentioned yesterday which i think is so fascinating is that because it's cold brewed the process takes a lot of times when i drink too much coffee in the morning i get like this heartburn gross like burpee just nastiness sixty seven percent less of that in the cold brewing process so for people that love caffeine but struggle with the acidity hey hybrid choose your roy at six different flavors and as we learned the other day you can make a mean margarita with marita martine martine yeah and we're getting a bunch of emails from folks that are finding it all over the place we just had one from a reader los angeles listener in los angeles had one the other day eighty founded in her local walmart vinyl amazon wholefoods check it out hide lance and j b tuned into the podcast yesterday and heard you use the intel on tom dulack pennant penalty that i had sent you it's cooled see the membership working two ways make signing up even more of a good idea that was walter member walter while ter yes because wilder we don't like to work that much better people like you do the work for us yeah it does go both ways a lot of you are members are sending in questions and comments and stuff from the happy hour that we're using in the show we've proceeded this.

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