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Sponsors Manscaping Betty assign lifelock put a TV as well and I find myself looking forward to seeing Dr drew. Wow was troubled all time. What has happened between US I do? Love is bloomed. Yes reunited or if you're ready Ready I'm ready that goddamn shelby documentary so good really. I'm emotional. I'm not kidding you you like life change of laughing. I talked to my mom and Thanksgiving and she said what are you doing. I said I'm making documentaries about cars. And and she's like well she literally said. Tell me when you make one on a subject. I'm interested I saw. You tweeted that. I doubt it really took me down. But but it spoke volumes. All you volumes about what. You're contending with well also tell you do what on Muffins and and I was laughing. Well it's so so insane it's a story. It's maybe one of the greatest Americans that ever lived a great thing just to a time in a purely American narrative the narrative. It's a a F and love letter. You wrote to the guy too by the way I thought it was just be yours. You're I know how you feel about his stuff. We've talked about enough over the years. I could just tell what you were feeling as you put together. Well look here's my shelby. Shelby's been married quite a few times. Sometimes I screwed over a couple of guys who I like now. This is an interesting thing. Yeah Pete Rock is a guy that I I'm name a very dear fan of own many of his cars and we have been to his home a few times. We have a great relationship and he's just sweet guy. You know what I mean like bill off their guys. That are just sweet guys and I would argue. The the sort of a best supporting character is him. He's wheeler cares sweet wheat guy in normally guys get involved with cars and racing and stuff to have a little bit of an edge to him. Because that's what you have to. You have to be competitive. You have to be whatever pizza. Sweet Guy Shelby jacked over Pete and not without like for helping. I mean well well. Here's the here's the thing. There was well now. This is Toyota at this is later on that will hold. The Toyota thing is where repeat brock destroyed show where he got back at them. Yeah but he was supposed to run the Toyota team and Shelby Kinda slid in right took it from an. Yeah but anyway that's right. I forgot I have talked to Pete. Brock I've talked to many people about shelby. And you tell me their thing is is i. I liked Dan Gurney. He wasn't overburdened. With a great deal of honest cray Gurney literally literally like eighty three. And a half. You know a year and a half before he died. It's like I. He wasn't overburdened. With a great deal of honesty. Where'd you get those interviews? That'd be collecting them for a while or we went out and we got Dan Gurney for died for died and I sat down with anthem for a NATO in the next room for maybe two hours talked to him about everything and we went out with Talk to guys like you know these guys like Boban Doron Parnelli Jones Dan Gurney. I mean they're legends of the sport and they're not gonNA be around that much longer that at all they're older they're sickly they're some of them have died along the way a few the people in the doc doc you're seeing talking of Oregon Right Who We interviewed so Here's an interesting thing. So so peep rock is a very. He's a lovely man there. You are likely man and by the way he had some very kind things about shelby in the early years. And he was Jacked a little bit by shelby. He feel like he kind of went and got him back a little bit. And when you so there are many the people that got duped a little by shelby but they still felt kind felt good about him and I'm interested in how that were might as I was watching it. I thought Oh the guys little bit of a sociopath nine wives some of the more demand and by the way back then. Why do you think he did that? I'll think about that. Yeah I mean he didn't want to give up no no no no no no back. Then he couldn't have sex if you weren't may now that's he wanted to have sex all his hot Y. You gotTA marry Aubrey. Pretend Mariam as what are you GonNa do. It's gotTa do it right because he was kind of a sociopath just okay okay we gotta do right And he was a salesman. They emphasized that over and over and over again right and so he wasn't steering with a clear compass he was staring with a I towards getting it done And because he was a lot of fun and engaging matic kind of not he a- fall on sociopath he said these kinds of tendencies he's also very entertaining and find a new way to create a great work environment and an B. B. O.. Like like a masthead like a clear the guy in the head of the ship going forward. That's where we're going. Take Rice. Go Gentlemen have added and then let them mhm have fun with it. Yeah there is no like the car themselves. I'm GonNa make an analogy here. There's really no such thing as a shelby that is free and clear of a handful of negative traits eight. It doesn't exist. It's like there's no such thing as building a Shelby Cobra that doesn't pollute a little bit like it's amazing but what comes out of that exhaust for yeah you see that. He complained later about that. Like what I'm Lisa cleaner downstairs. There's no free meals you don't get the shelby and the no Exhau- awesome you don't get a carroll shelby and a couple of women who don't have heart broken hearts and a couple of business partners that feel like they got screwed or you don't don't get all of that with nothing in its wake now you can live my mom's life or my dad's life and leave none of that but there is no car named after my yeah. I think it's impossible but it's like you can't have a world war without a bunch of civilian casualties like and you can beat up the country that that that bombed Dresden but you you got to go to war. That's that's what happens. You know what I mean. So shelby was very much that way. I feel like there were some women. There were some partners where some something by but overall where we glad he was born here. Are we glad that we know. Oh the name Carol Shallow. Yeah Oh oh yeah. And that's why I'm saying. It wasn't complete sociopath. He wasn't he wasn't despicable character by any means but he was was Man He get stuff done he could get stuff don right. That's exactly what he did. He got stuff done. He surrounded surrounded himself with world class advocators and people and anyone about it. I mean it to me. I thought I didn't know the the second third and fourth chapters of the whole thing that was astonishing to me that Chile the datsuns and it just kept going sky. Just would just move on and get had it done heart transplant in the middle of it. All you know I thought apart didn't put in the story that you might appreciate is. I was thinking to myself what happens with some of these people with He probably had familial hypercholesterolemia or something like that. It caused a premature aging the coordinator arteries if you increase if you stress. The oxygen commands the heart. Such that it's asking for more oxygen but not so much that you cause a heart attack you outstrip. Its demand equates it's extra vessels and so probably the way he handles his heart disease distressing at pushing it pushing it pushing it. collateralized all the vessels so even though he was getting the heart attack he had all these other vessels to back them up. That makes sense. Yeah and so. It's really interesting that he he made it through. That's why he lives so much longer than he should have. Yeah Yeah and then and then then what happens is eventually the muscle gives out and then you need the transplant. Yeah my feeling is it's all here as said you. It's comical that. He came from Texas to Venice so he could do his thing. That's the part I was I was that's kind of local and now it's not comical not count. Yeah Valentine it's funny you and I talked about it when I watched in the movie. Piss me off right. Got You angry but right the things that guy was able to do and really another reason is is. He wasn't regulated. He could do things because he there wasn't overregulation hostile to do what he wanted to do today. Any state and what's what was also interesting to me. You'll appreciate at this. As a young male growing up in southern California in the sixties there was sort of the culture. We were attuned to as kids We all knew about China. We all kind of you know the movie came out. Drag racing was a big thing of discussion amongst nine to twelve year old. Boys you know what I mean and so this all was happy was deeply Culturally meaningful for me. Something that I felt like was happening in the background while I was growing up and kind of it made perfect sense to me that there that was going on in the world I lived in as a as a young adolescent. Well Young Boys My Dad Dr Drag me to Riverside aside for the road races and Pomona for the quarter mile stuff. Orange County raceway. Oh Sea lions in Long Beach on my dad shoulders watching thus this flat track bikes go round all all a rush of memories came back. I watch commercials CELS. We're all those places. So that's what I definitely go and some blow all right. Mike Lynch is in in town and he was gonNA come by and share some of his philosophy with us. I do Bet D SL bitter sweet time to the back half of the NFL season but playoff push in the bowl games. Common man add some excitement. Make a couple bets. BETTY DOT COM. You're betting partner use betty as DS is live betting.

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