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Who in the atlanta got everything i know i i lend their on brookside eighty two to eighty nine eat it from bromsgrove where do you rice and what is your routine if only i had a routine i used to have a routine i used to wear caridi really hard but i'm i'm older now on i am got the energy i once had but i had the hook built in the garden so i'm ensconced in our hearts and i just i just walked backwards and forwards it where when it gets to june july august i've got to the best lawn in the world writers have great loans because the set of rights independent out we need an owner anything any displacements activity anything on other than right another morning do you spend a legitimate has looking at the heart the i really should go there now sort of its remake of europe have your mmu julian fellowes what prompted you tradition for role in the hollywood film and help set where you in stephen fry land at the rule instead well i was still source at that time think arabs can to keep my acting career going at the same time as writing this wasn't to be honest completely realistic and i have rather let it go now but of course apps absolutely furious to be beaten by stephen and because i always had this over several 102 actors who used to take all my prime members simon kellett what was used to take everything when i was the first starting out and now stephen has taken two or three but of course is the dea so i hope you enjoyed it but now i do miss the acting yes i i miss it it was very good found that was a group activity much more than writing.

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