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Dan i know i interesting story behind that is actually does but anyway so because i wanna hear i don't have the whole all the information at my fingertips i wrote an article on software about how we not built but we helped restore the railroad in iraq after the invasion in two thousand three and that was like army army railroad irs engineers that it really good job with that but they also tried to build a railroad in afghanistan previously there's just a small little railroad i think it went it was like for the presidential palace or something it was like a couple of kilometers long but these they wanted to build i don't know if it was like seventy or eighty kilometers of railroad but i think most of it was ended at ended up being built by like central asian engineers from like us pakistan or something like that and i don't i don't know how much it even runs at the moment so i'm sorry i don't have all my facts at my fingertips right now but there is a very interesting story about how all that came together was to actually build a railroad invited to yes in order to connect all the main cds of like in central of ghanistan and because of the way it was a railroad that is being there for like centuries bad because of the war and conroe road for centuries yeah it was like because of the road and everything you kind of needed afghanistan was a part of the silk road for very very long time and so was to connect all the main like cd's like home on the kabul and everything the problem is that each of this.

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