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Alexis in the morning. Seven one everything entertainment everything sachet away away. Thank you. Jason lex who is gonna shanty. Instead, you stay at dawn McClain. You stay stay. I'm gonna cry. Miley Cyrus very excited. She's the season premiere judge for Paul's drag race season eleven. It is. But yeah. Buber excited. So and it's moving back to Thursday's everybody the new season. All stars is getting ready to wrap up which has been on Fridays, which I have not understood but Thursday will be on. Season will be Thursday. Minneapolis Queen in the mic. Stop it. We we do. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So we'll feverishly going to the website, right? Okay. Sorry. The three names. Oh my gosh. If so hard to Mercedes. Lex co keep going. What diamond Mercedes Amman diamond shit? Okay. Sometimes takes awhile to open that folder. Yeah. So here we go. I'll read diamond thirty years old this African Princess moved from Kenya. To the USA when she was eleven but Mercedes wasn't born until ten years later at the world famous gay nineties club in downtown Minneapolis love it all about the body. Audiology Mercedes owns any stage. She sets foot on dazzling the crowd with her graceful presence and explain expensive Blaine that she is down. Picture of her. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So this this season looks good. This is now if memory serves me, right? Ross Matthews when he was on my show a couple months ago said that. Yeah, this is the season because I was shocked that they had already started taping. He said rule at one point loses. It like lose it. Yeah. So that's coming up Thursdays on VH one coming up on seven eight. I need everyone to put a I need everyone to put their veil on at this time, please because we are. Well. Sante.

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