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Rage after officer harani mohieddin as is found not guilty in the deadly shooting of a black man during a traffic stop is demonstrator indicating blando casteel death is a symptom of police racism struggle has feels mothers striking a similar tone solve very very very very very very very disappointed in assist them here in the state of minnesota because nowhere in a world do you die from being honest and tell and truth casteel reportedly told officer yang china's that he had a gun end of permit forum the cop claims he told casteel not to remove the weapon but he did anyway so we shot deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial continue into the weekend comedian addressing supporters outside the courthouse in suburban philadelphia lease jesus oppose the dearer dennis has endorsed town the question did the seventy nine year old cosby drug and sexually assault former temple university employee andrea constand at a suburban philadelphia home back in two thousand four tyco mitchell a trial spectator doesn't believe it though i understand lafayette via law any of that any of these other women waited aliyev's jurors asking for several rereads of testimony and deposition statements also asking a number of questions including a clarification of reasonable doubt which they'll have to decide unanimously if they find cosby not guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault so far the jury has been deliberating for five days collision edc's seven us sailors are missing off the coast to japan after a merchant ship collided with the uss fitzgerald fox news.

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