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Should, be having more of these smaller, recalls because, the companies. Are testing more frequently now The current wave of salmonella fears by the way apparently has been traced to a Minnesota way product producer okay that's. The hands of the government in the star spangled banner in the land of the, free we're learning maybe not as? Much freedom as we'd like to think. In this country Katyushas cliff Saunders is live. With more we need permission from the government, more than we think you can't build anything without a permit. Right. I mean you. Need licensed to do things to and. As political story interior Madonna. Says it extends, to our, travel if we. Want to leave the country on vacation you owe money to the federal government to the IRS and they're. Going to limit. Your ability to travel overseas kind of freight you're. Not going to pay them back so are we really the country that our forefathers envisioned when we cleaned. Our, independence Madonna says the answer is obviously no one explains when the balance started. To change federal government was, relatively limited throughout much of American history I mean to the nineteen thirty during Franklin Roosevelt's. New The deal was the greatest expansion of the. Role of federal government into the particularly into the economy And ever since then congress has. Passed law after law after law that affects what we can and cannot do on the individual level Okay, thanks a lot cliff our news time now seven thirty four. Is shaping up to be a record year. For Texas, oil and gas but not everyone's going to be cashing in Texas oil production this year set to surpass nineteen seventy two's one point two billion barrels petro economists carring. Says many jobs lost in the recent downturn may never come back with seventy thousand fewer. Employees, and three hundred and fifty fuel rigs we are now about to shatter, the, all-time annual production record for crude oil in Texas meanwhile the. Oil industry continues to pressure the Trump administration on steel and aluminum tariffs they believe will kill the momentum along with smaller pipeline suppliers you, should be, excluded from the steel tariffs principally because you're won't, be, able to get that product in your car from any other. Source west Texas intermediate rose to sixty. Nine sixty one a barrel Thursday, Nick rank of its. NewsRadio seven forty KTAR, aged Alana's lines four dollar gasoline could return right now there is a worldwide oil glut but w TD resources CEO Bill Drennan says if there's something like a war Some catastrophe could quickly turn that. Into a shortage conventional wisdom would say oil price with probably shoot up two hundred dollars. Mark, I've seen things in the press over the last couple of weeks at, people, talk about a hundred and fifty dollars if there was such. A disruption I just don't think we would get that high Drennan says the US may be close to becoming energy independent so it shouldn't, be as, bad though as it was ten years ago because, we've, got a lot of oil here in the state of Texas. By the way just release a gross. Domestic product the GDP growth of, our economy in the. Second quarter just released, those numbers four point one percent Well there may be a reason. The democrat politicians talk so much about income inequality did you know that a study from the Economic Policy Institute shows that income disparity between the top one percent of earners and the other ninety nine percent is greater. In blue states that in red states labor economists Mark Price sees it as. Part of a larger trend whether you're looking at New York City or Texas it's clear that over time incomes have. Grown much faster for folks at, the top of the income distribution and they have grown for everyone else he says a big factor in the growing gap has been slow wage growth at our economy grows even know prophets maybe rising that doesn't show up in people's paycheck the average gap, between the richest, and median earners is twenty four, one in blue states in about twenty two one in. Red state Coriolis NewsRadio, seven forty, KTAR h It's seven thirty seven there's an estimated forty four, million immigrants living, in the US news study finds. It, just one in five households, actually speaks a.

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