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To zero or mail in your form News, 93.1 k F local news breaking news traffic and weather SACRAMENTO. Kfbk FM Pollock Pines from ABC News I'm Derek Dennis, Florida on guard against Tropical Storm Zaius Storm said to be on a path towards strengthening back to hurricane status before making landfall sometime later today, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw asking people to stay off the roads. Let the first responders have the roads out there because there's going to be some people in some difficulty. Fire medics. We're going to have to give places We're gonna have calls for service, So the less people we have on the road, the better, he says. Shelters are open with Corona virus screenings for every person coming in for help. Tense negotiations on Capitol Hill. After that, $600 a week expanded unemployment benefit for some 30 million jobless Americans expired on Friday without a new deal. Millions of unemployed Americans anxiously waiting for Congress to act on another round of Corona virus stimulus. You have an obligation to the American people to not just leave us Out to dry defend for ourselves. Both Justin Harada and his pregnant wife were laid off unsure how to get by. Without those $600 weekly federal checks. We're gonna have to start choosing what's going to get paid. What's not going to get being Democrats and administration officials leaving Capitol Hill today with no deal a BCS Andrew Dim Bert reporting. In California, a ferocious wildfire near Palm Springs, 0% contained claims light up the night skies. The apple Fire rips through the San Bernardino National Forest above banning tripling in size. In a matter of hours. The suspicious fire began as two suspected arson fires.

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