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Food you're in the mood for and so now it's time for the final countdown. If somebody only time for one meal when they visited brighton where should they go to watch. The i think you've got to have fish and chips on the fund. You've gotta go to jackie. Linda's fish and chips shop. Yohan biton. you've got to just have fish and chips out of a packet with your fingers or with the chip fork with low salt vinegar having that fresh seafood to like. You said you mentioned that you've been in writing for twenty years or so you gotta have some great stories. What's your most memorable. I think actually doing yoga. The i sixty is a pretty good as it goes doing morning. Yoga as sunrise. Rose even in the. I three six day so you kind of doing your downward dog and the new car and you're just overlooking beautiful ocean. That was a pretty good experience. like the. you know you're looking for nirvana that sounds like Like he found it was heaven down very then the super cool speaking of having moments and good times. Where's the happiest happy hour. Brighton cult sales wise. A gillette hotels if you like cocktails the twisted lemon used to be an amazing happy hour for cocktails two for one and it just you could get very very very happy and all the time but a lot of people actually embroider drink to account. What does that. it's an cure. It's a shot like tequila bar. It's brown and it's an almond cure that comes from italy and not many people. Not many people have heard about it. It's not even made it to london. It's just it's brightened thing. Because somebody formed brighton when to italy and just fell in love with it and decided to bring it back and bring it to the pups brighton. So most pubs do bevan offer on those anew shoot it you have it as just as a quick shop like tequila and it's fabulous so that's my tip..

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