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Adam, White Liberal College, Donald Trump discussed on CRUSADE Channel Previews


Why? Are we having conservative dollars I don't care about anybody else. I don't care about them. Right they're gonNA. Want Nationalist Status Urban want to be status? They're gonNA. Want as much federal authority instituted as possible. All right, where's the mayor of Washington DC? Standing by talking about trump's tweets tre presidents inciting violence. Why don't you step up? And why don't you defend your city? You're allowing your city to be burned. Destroyed knocked down. By a bunch of white liberals. White Liberal College kids. That are inciting these riots. Under the flag of ANTIFA, we'll talk about that. The top of the third the top of the second hour here in bear on the crusade channel the last live radio station standing. The second or the program is brought to you by foundations restored a Catholic perspective on creation, which you can get a crusade channel Dot com forward slash Adam. Once you go there. You're going to be able to pick for the online streaming option. The D set and online streaming option, or just the DVD set at foundation restored a Catholic Perspective on origins. You can watch the first episodes for free at Crusade. Channel Dot. com forward slash Adam. And you can watch the first two episodes for free I'm going to say it again. You can watch the first two episodes for free I mean. You got nothing else to see at this point, right? You're not watching anything else you shouldn't be. So check it out crusade channel, dot com forward slash Adam. That's foundations restored Kathy. Perspective on origins, crusade channel DOT COM forward slash Adam ad A.. Our daily numbers fifteen, only fifteen states actually went through the proper channels. While other cities or other states, notably democratic ones decided to stand back and watch it all just burn..

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