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Sheikh in who wrote the screenplay for all the way with lbj he also wrote the screenplay for hacksaw ridge which is marvellous mood via the chance to see and and and just as the cpb board was about to take a vote required by the congress he said to the the the congress was requiring that anyone who worked for public broadcasting could not be on the board and bob in a ninetyminute art of maneuver got that amendment change so the red differently from what congress intended and we passed we pass on that so you tell that story in some detail because you don't find many republicans like that anymore you don't for not when i when i worked for lyndon johnson on domestic policy in sixty three and sixty four and sixty five his mandate to me was to spin as much time as i can with republican members of congress because he said they will come with us unpredictably but reliably when we need them and the democrats will be there air without without a second thought so when we ended when we burst when we when we forced an end to the filibuster on the civil rights act of sixty four the one vote that made the difference was from john j williams a republican crusty republican thumb delaware who hated lyndon johnson macos he thought he was deeply corrupt politicians taking money from the oil industry and the interest of texas but john j williams rose above his personal animus and voted in the filibuster when we passed the civil rights act the ins of sixty four in the house we pass it with seventeen republican votes people frank cheered leica margaret church and margaret smith people like that those and and i used to have my best conversations with with some of those republika's that doesn't exist today you cannot find any republicans who stray from the reservation long enough to cast and really independent vote one foot now that will interest you in terms of history when lbj signed the the civil rights act of sixty four which ended segregation in public accommodations around the country arbitrarily i ask in that evening youth the how do you are with the out his room his quarters in the in the mansion across from the west wing and he was depressed and had the the washington post across his chest in it read johnson.

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