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So the question is if it were up to you, would you rather have Brett Maher or Matt Bryant kicking for the Dallas Cowboys in two thousand and nineteen. It goes without saying that Matt Brian will beating more expensive option again because he likely is going to have suitors but the question from Aaron by the way on periscope. Why do they cut him? It's just a matter of impracticality for the Atlanta Falcons to Matt Ryan they have Giorgio Vecchio on the roster who who played well in Brian's absence this past season. You might remember Giorgio from his days with the open raiders as well. But we put up a poll about this on blocking the boys dot com. If you wanna go vote you can and so far fifty nine percent of the votes prefer Matt Bryant can. Kenneth on periscope wants to know how old is met Brian's Brian's been around a while he is been kicking in the NFL since two thousand and two with the Atlanta Falcons since two thousand and nine so he certainly has quite a plethora of experience when it comes to putting ball through the uprights and the NFL. But again, you know, it's it's hard because the Cowboys don't have a stable option like they have had in so many seasons before Christopher summers on the buses Facebook live. I'd rather have Bryant, and that kind of seems where people seem to prefer Ostra people seem to prefer excuse me. Because Brett Maher has people not feeling great. Brett Maher kinda Dan Bailey in two thousand seventeen struggled a bid down the stretch for the Cowboys. And he feels a little hard to trust. And that's not the worst thing in the world. Honestly, I mean, you know, you're going to miss kicks, and you're gonna miss extra point. So the NFL works these days, you're never gonna have somebody or it's really unlikely. The you're going to have somebody that Dan Bailey was for so long rarely going to kinda run into that guy. It's just money after money after money Justin tuck in Baltimore's kind of the best example of that. And certainly a rare bird, no pun intended there. Gary to Facebook live feed says I'd rather keep bread mater, and that's another option if you'd rather save two million dollars allocate that towards an extra defensive tackle towards an extra linebacker towards an extra safety. Whoever you want to put that money that is certainly one line of thought. However, and we talked about this with Dan Bailey release and all that that went on over, you know, six months ago now kickers matter and people roll their eyes to say, I don't care doesn't matter kickers, etc. Blah, blah, kickers matter as evidenced again, by the fact, I think about that the games of the Cowboys played in two thousand eighteen they should have been able to kicked a game winning earliest game or have you wanna look at that feelable in Houston against the Texans. Obviously, they punted how that game went down. They did. Have to kick a game winning field. The Detroit Lions they did have to kick a game winning field while against the Atlanta Falcons their game against the Washington. Redskins came down to a field goal kick. The Cowboys played so many one possession games that kicks and field goals and extra points are super valuable. You cannot just have any all generic kicker. I think right now Ben Maher is in the you know, maybe the bottom of the second third of NFL kickers right now. I don't think he's a top third congressional. He's even in the top half. And so you really have to consider what you wanna do there. Because that position is extremely important any position that can influence the number of points or team scores is so valuable and it's so critical. And that's why this question this subject is so interesting because it's not every day that kicker Brian becomes available. Although to be fair it was just last season. The Dan Bailey became available. Although that was in the finalisation of rosters not way early on in February. When teams could really take a cold hard..

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