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You you're going to do it this year. He was He was nasty. The second half of last year Final 13 14 15 starts. He's good Somehow. Some way you find a way to not win games, But I think the title is going to go to you. Hey, Ron. Yes. You hang on the line. We're going to get your information. Then we're gonna reconvene with you after this season. It's gonna be an amazing moment in time, All right? It will be. And I really thank you for the opportunity. Really? Thanks for doing what you guys have done and drop this pandemic. You know, you're like you're like a really hope for all of us. People cooped up and you know, with the love of baseball and everything else. Thanks for saying that Run. Thank you. Right, Ron. You copy? I know your North side ofyou. Cubs comes fan. You know what? I'm a Northside sacks. Hey, I grew up on the Northwest Burbs. Mount Prospect Illinois. And I was White Sox family, so nothing but Cub fans around me. Good luck to your white socks or I appreciate you. Jump it on. All right. Well, thank you guys. Really. I really need that pleasure run. Thanks for jumping in there. Robert for the home, runs 34 wins for the White Sox Giolito for the area. He's got Kyle Hendricks for games one and Tim Anderson for the bad Intel. KPs got Moncada for the batting average Giolito for games. Hendricks free are a 35 wins for the White Sox and schwarmerei Love that pick a great sleeper pick right, picked by K P. Or as much as he's fighting the D. H House for over a year. I've got evil eye for the homers, 38 wins for the White Sox on what just happened. That's crazy. Prediction. The 38 that sound like that much until you hear wait 38 20 to 16 days over 500 during a pandemic. Abbreviated season. Nobody knows what's gonna happen. Lot of momentum on the South side, though. A lot of us. Yeah, it's ah, very in the lineup is ridiculous. If there still is some unproven town I know Louise Robertses. Ridiculous and we'll expect them to do well, but he's never even played in the majors. It's it's asking a lot. But why not? Minds? What is buy into the hype? Life? 38 22 It 012 out of every three games. Basically, no big deal just minutes easy when every serious White Sox very quick timeout 7 20 W. GM.

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