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And so there's venus closer to the sun getting twice the flux of solar wind then we get an it maintains attacks here so generally when we what what goes on here on earth his it's not that it will blow away our atmosphere it's that if there's a water molecule high up h 200 the energy from a sunken break apart at water molecules separate the hydrogen from then you lose the hydrogen but i think i think part of and he's also admas his much much lighter than venus and said venus is almost as mestre massive as the earth it the which lay on the it hold on to its atmosphere um and near the it has so much of it it's it's got to be losing stuff but the timescales just much much longer right it's got nearly a hundred times the atmospheric pressure as earth so from out how does that what you to go there you would uh you'd be crushed splits seconds before you vaporized let the order places on and ourselves since i don't know the full the full origin of that right now it's got a lot more of well i had the record for a lander on on venus is like two three hours before crumpling lucky i had an ed the big venus people were the russians there there the videira spacecraft and they scented and they got the new iphone and a rough yeah you get crushed and it would melts it's they knew this but it was ill will challenge while we were going to mars they were going venus right and we gotta mars because it's super easy because he heart priscilla is he heart now his clinic quitting so um it's law were on the subject i the allow me to uh.

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