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Another one said fen when did this one show up yeah you're going to have a twin mr sparkles said volley no is not another one said cap the caspian is the same one shortly after we all love the library we sent a volley did you say mr sparkles a youth we're gonna have to talk about that later the point is that the maintenance robot who is supposed to collect the samples of the shelf for analysis by the time it got to the library to clean up the egg had reformed good as new and it was floating there again as if nothing had happened i don't hear anything said abigail no sick after caspian it's different this time abigail finn and volley approached the stone flooring in front of the navigational computers and a large window looking out into space this time however there were numbers as if they had been carved into the stone across its smooth surface we think they're coordinates said fits mom we think we know we're we're supposed to bring um mr sparkles said voller as his name mr sparkles human you think that's his home planet volley pointed to an image on the screen of a dark black in purple planet that is the planet at these coordinates caspian we'll be in orbit around it shortly great sevala we'll take him down there and return him to his blue parrots no sick after caspian this is a job only for the adults i never thought i would say this but bali has a point mum sutphin he's actually really good with a little guy you volley smiled as if mr sparkles had just vomited all over him i'm sorry fifth but i have a bad feeling about this one said vince this will just be the senior members of our staff they all looked out at the forboding planet she actually has a point to fan said vulic bad.

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