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Founder says its mission as to archive and published leaked and hack data of potential public interest. Twitter has banned the group's account as well as tweets fat linked to the DVD secrets website. Amazon is paying five hundred million dollars in bonuses to workers most exposed to corona virus. Amazon has announced it will pay out on one time bonus to its frontline employees who worked for the company through June, the company ended its hazard pay for workers in June workers will get between one hundred fifty dollars to three thousand dollars, depending on the number of hours worked and the position, and the carpeting cameras on has been criticized heavily for its health and safety response to the virus. They have instituted a variety of safety buzzers. They've also eliminated programs designed to support workers during the pandemic. Uber is looking to buy post mates. Lubar has made it offer to post mates. They've previously tried to purchase scrub hub, but talks ended due to antitrust concerns. GRUB hub is now merging with just each take away talks between Uber and post mates are ongoing in a deal has not been finalized yet. DISH BUYS BOOTHS BUBBLE FOR. One point four billion dollars, T., mobile and sprint have been required by the FCC to sell boost Bobo part of their merger dish has wanted to enter the wireless market for years, and the deal has gained the carrier more than nine million customers boost will continue to operate under the same brand, but we'll be getting a new logo. Deaths welby launching plans with some that will reward customers for making on time payments. The New York Times has removed articles from Apple News. They've ended their partnership with Apple News and you'll no longer find the articles and the apple is at other services. Sin Readers to publishers. Apple News keeps its readers in the APP and the New York. Times was not able to build a direct relationship with pain. Readers has a result. The Times wants platform where it can control the presentation of its reports, the relationship with three dollars and the business rules. The UK plans on investing in one web in it seems to be nonsensical the United. Kingdom plans to invest hundreds of millions of pounds and satellite broadband company, but experts say that this is nonsensical because the company doesn't even make the right type of satellite that the country needs after Brexit, the investment is intended to mitigate the UK's loss of access to the European Union's Galileo satellite navigation system, but one web operates a completely different type of satellite network from that typically used to run such navigation systems. Dr Blood and Balan a space policy expert at the University of why Kester. I believe that's pronounced noted that the company has the same idea as Elon. Musk starlink and apparently lobbyist at one web quotes have convinced the government that we can completely redesigned some of the satellites to piggyback a navigation payload on its bolting and unproven technology onto a mega constellation. That's designed to do something else. It's a tech and business gamble in quote. John, thorns research analyst at Jeffrey's agreed called it quote nonsensical in quotes and said quote. This situation looks like nationalism. Trumpet Solid Industry Policy Input. Here are the US where most of its operations are located. One web had filed for bankruptcy in March after failing to secure new funding. This be and the deep fake kingdom. Disney has a technology to swap faces a create some pretty oppressive veep fakes researchers for the house of Mouse have been showing off what they called the first photo realistic beat fake at a megapixel resolution. The deep fakes look pretty good, and they are difficult to distinguish genuine images right now. When a company wants to do, face swapping, it uses traditional video facts, but they are expensive to produce and take many months of work to achieve seconds of footage. Deep fakes however require far less oversight once. Once. The original model has been constructed in a video could be produced in a matter of hours. Beat fakes will eventually stop being a research project and start being a viable option for studios as long as it stays at Hollywood studios, okay with that, but there has been a lot of concern that be fakes would be used for malicious purposes such as creating fake recordings of some saying things didn't actually say, and there has been a lot of concern about it. Being used for political purposes specifically. Fortnight leaves we access and epoch slows down safe. The World Development at Games has announced it will be removed the early access label from the free to play shooter, and the less popular save the world mode. Save the world what continue to be paid tidal separate from the free to play Battle Royale and with official launch they'll start slowing down the release of content for safe the world the early. Early Access Label for fortnight is really a holdover from wet net games first released save the world twenty seventeen, but it has persisted on all versions of fortnight despite being the most popular video game in the World Save the world actually predates the more popular battle royale mode. By a few months epoch had planned to bake. Save the world free at on point, but those plans have apparently changed. Fours Motor sports well banned players for years the confederate flag. Experts racing series has an end depth editor, but you won't be able to put a confederate flag on your car Microsoft now considers that like the swastika and other symbols of Hey, this is following a move that NASCAR had bathed banding the flag at at racing events. The long running race series said in a statement via twitter quilts. Hard goal is to create a safe, secure, inclusive and enjoyable experience for off players, moving forward the use of the confederate flag on any car, and under any circumstances will be categorized as a Dettori iconography in our enforcement guidelines, and its use will result in Bien end in quote. UK's House of Lords Gambling Committee says video game loot boxes should be regulated under gambling. The Lord's have decided that the Games should be classified as games of chance bringing them under the gambling act two thousand five loot boxes have been controversial and video games, offering players a chance at a randomized reward when opened boxes could be bought for real money and rewards can sometimes be traded chairman of the committee. Lord Grade told BBC Breakfast that other countries have started regulated loot boxes. Because quote, they can see the.

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