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This is first votes skipper honcho you get it back through the game on kfi succeed dice it is the new pitcher for the giants he comes in with colin moran at first base with two outs dyson this'll be his eighteenth appearance he does have a win and he'll be going after jordy mercer some rj ends up going five and two thirds the is responsible for moran adverse base some arja walk to struck out five actually he was throwing the ball a lot better when he was taken out of this game when he was at the beginning of the game the judge now going to have to try to help them out by getting back into this game and having the bullpen shutdown this pirates offense it's jordy mercer who's oh for one he drew a walk in the fifth dyson with that heart sinker throws and there's a fastball for a called strike should also go back on that play that belted out hang onto that line drive some argue hit a chance to cover i and he didn't and i'm sure some very unhappy about that soft toss the first and colin moran is back it's noballs in one strike two runs in here in the sixth licensed sets right at the letters and the pitch swing gonna miss on a slider it's always too got the feel back here is ahead of the counter with two andy throws and mercer swinging amiss and the any damage done the home run by survey gives the pirates a five three dave flemming they'll be back we'll see the post game wrap here it's five three is we head to the seven on the are northern california honda dealers radio network for almost two thousand years christians called mosul iraq today not one is left persecuted and killed or forced to flee christians and others have become victims religious cleansing in iraq and syria hundreds of thousands have been made homeless they.

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