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Five two yes San Jose cumulus stations the tune in app so you could take talk radio five sixty KSFO with you work second quarter on statues on Jack Callahan fox news the president signing an order Friday to protected national monuments the order tells the Attorney General to prosecute anyone that destroys monuments that prosecution could mean up to ten years in prison for anyone convicted the order also threatens to cut federal funding for local law enforcement and failed to protect monuments demonstrators calling for an end to racial injustice of recently torn down several Confederate statues while other statues have been removed in different states by local officials trying to get them out of the public I'd like to chill NATO Attorney General William Barr has created a federal task force to monitor and stop violence government anti government extremists the F. B. I. has also released the pictures of fifteen people wanted for trying to topple a statue of president Andrew Jackson in Washington on Monday according to published reports of Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban linked militants killing coalition forces in Afghanistan including targeting American troops even during peace talks to end the long running war there the trump administration reportedly debating a response no worries about the corona virus after the U. S. reported thirty eight thousand new infections on Thursday Dr Anthony Fauci of the corona virus task force says social distancing requirements including the wearing of masks is still critical if we want to end this outbreak really and it and then hopefully one of vaccine comes and puts the nail in the coffin we've got to realize that we are part of the process Dr Fauci told the coronavirus task force briefing on Friday many of the new cases especially in the south are from community spread from people have become lax in their precautions Texas and Florida putting the brakes temporarily on anymore re openings because of that surge in infections America is listening to fox news you hear the news now you can with.

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