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When Saddam kicks off blind mid range chunk shop baseline, all what a great book. Get a rebound by nobody invites. Matty, went got the board and put it back up an ad. The big in the second half. He's got nine points. He's got Sixers have in Michigan say lead, seventy seven to seventy two with two twenty two laugh sporting sports network. Caches Winston twenty nineteen of his twenty five in the second half. Adrian, Michigan state eighth straight wins. Eighty six seventy seven at number fourteen Ohio State Nikiel Alexander Walker twenty-five number ten Virginia Tech seventy seven sixty six over BC. David Moretti, scored nineteen number eleven Texas that held off Kansas state is sixty three to fifty seven. Alabama upsets Kentucky besting, the Wildcats seventy seven seventy five in the SEC opener. Both teams for them. Kevin Mack made six first-half threes in route to twenty two points. Cam Johnson fifteen against his former school number fifteen North Carolina tapping pit eighty five to sixty and Christian Doolittle, sixteen points, eighteen rebounds that helps number twenty three Oklahoma take Oklahoma state, seventy four. Or to sixty four NFL playoffs kicked off Dak in the Cowboys looking good. That's next this Z SPN radio. Quarterbacking says what they've done the playoffs. Log prescott. Three. Our job is to win. No matter. What happens sportscenter? It's time for some straight talk. I'm ready for it. You want the best coverage, right? Of course. Don't want the QB throwing any bombs. I'm talking.

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