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I'm knocking on wood for him, and I'm knocking on wood for Dak because all I know is that that Prescott has played forty six straight NFL games without missing a start. Is that durability for you? Yeah. I'm not gonna would. I mean. I mean, Philip rivers haven't Mr. Starr manning with two hundred thirteen fourteen years without missing how many times do you? See Philip rivers or did you see lamenting take off and run with the football. How many times? Nope, doesn't happen. You see Dak take off and run with it. On you. He is. He is durable. He it's like God's gift I'm knocking on wood again Dak is durable much more. So than Andrew luck. I don't trust Andrew luck health going forward. So are you sure your shoulders going to hold up because that was really off? It's it's been very good this year. But I'm not sure it's going to be great going forward. So now, let's just look at their overall numbers three years. They play all the guy who my favorite stat QBR zero two hundred Dax career QBR so far, and that's a pretty big body of work. Just start forty six games in this leaves. He's sixty eight to a career sixty three for Andrew lucked. So it's pretty close. But again, I don't know how he did it. He's got the edge. Then if we look at just his rank his three year rank each year among all NFL quarterbacks Dak has averaged ranking tenth Andrew lucked twelve. So so again, he's a little better than Andrew luck and best season. QBR Dak finish third one year. An Andrew luck. Best finish is seventh in QBR. So. Doesn't that tell you again? And again, the stat that the ultimate Q quarterback stat keeps telling you Dax a little better Lou more effective if a little more productive again, and again and again than this guy and by the way, speaking of winning so Andrew luck. I Chris fifty three and thirty six which is pretty good. I'm throwing in the playoffs to Dak is thirty and sixteen which is pretty good in and of itself. But but if we just look at the last three full seasons that Andrew luck played guess what his record is seventeen and eighteen you like that seven. No you like that. 'cause I don't like that just mean you I'm not buying into that fifty three and thirty six versus what thirty six and four thirty and sixteen so which I'm including Dak played in one game and lost thirty thirty and fifteen in the regular season. That's pretty great. It is good. If not better than what what? You look out your new homeboy? Yeah. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell the people at home 'cause I don't know. I just looked just happened to look at look down on my nose and this like on here like the QBR this year. Yeah. That was good. Yeah. I saw her that night. Andrew luck is night. Yes. That you got his twenty third. Andrew luck has been the hottest quarterback over the last seven games in the National Football League. After an Owen three star. He's been the hottest. So I'm gonna give you that. Right here right now. But my guy just keeps winning football games. You're you're gonna why you got in your guy starting to creep up with him turn over, but he's low risk low reward. He threw twenty three touchdowns in his rookie year. He threw twenty two last year. That's what he don't pay to do this year twenty one Andrew luck. If already led the league and touchdown passes with a big old Wapping fouling, guess what he's on pace to throw more than that this year. Patrick, Mahomes was not having the outstanding your he having guests who would be in the real real heat of MVP discussion, Andrew luck. Are we talking about Dak Prescott and? Mm. Not yet. But we got three games to go. What do you though, we didn't know everybody knows they know and just a quick aesthetics point here. Everybody was telling me what a great thrower the football. Andrew luck is always give you Aaron Rodgers beauty pageant Aaron Rodgers in every. But when I watch Andrew lucked throw the football throw, it it. It's it's not that pretty to me. It's a little mechanical. It's a little what about dorky jer..

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