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The Chapo trial. It's been going on for a month. Now several witnesses have revealed depth details about cartel operations criminal defense. Lawyer Vanu Varghese talked with CBS. To recap the highlights and talk about the jury, what are some of the things that sort of stand up to you. So far about this case, the amount of violence, the amount of gore and judge Cogan is in a tough position here because the prosecution is basing its theory on the fact that this is part of life and a little cartel and Chapa was all about. But then when the defense tries to go into it just has tried to limit them. So yet he's allowed some questions, but he's doing it. Because he's like, look, you know, I don't think you need to go into every single one of the one hundred fifty murders and one point two defense attorney took out a picture, Google one hundred and fifty people and he wanted to show that as a demonstrative aid to the jury of this is what it means to kill this, man Ramirez. Ella body with the plastic surgery one hundred and fifty people judge Cogan prosecuted effectively jets Cogan allowed it when he said as long as you tell them these were people killed and we started hearing from law enforcement to on Thursday. What are we expected that their testimony will do further jury? Well, I think it's just gonna be continuingly pilot on right? So the question is we talked about this a little bit on Thursday. You know, they they have these witnesses as I said on Thursday could probably end the case today. But apparently, they have another three months left of of bringing this on. So they're just gonna keep piling it on and then it's gonna be a back and forth between them and the defense. One of the interesting things that has come out is sort of the battle not only inside the court, but in the outside the court, and the court of public opinion, the attorney the attorneys for El Chapo, tweeted, El Chapo favorite song. And so the this song was testified to when the first witness testified he said that this was the song is played outside his window and meant that you were going to get assassinated prosecution is come back and said that this is a warning that the attorney has given to the jurors that something may happen. So it's it's getting really interesting. And so yeah, I'm not sure what the purpose of tweeting that song. One of the things that juries need people. Need to understand is that a defense attorney actually has a constitutional obligation to defend his client, not only in court, but in the court of public opinion, right? But federal prosecutors hate this. They want to control the narrative, they wanna say chop is a bad guy. And as soon as an attorney tries to brush back against that. They're trying to stop them. But just Cogan hasn't placed restrictions on a defense yet. So we've been talking about the prosecution that they're sort of forced to deal with someone savory characters as as as part of what it is. We did hear from members of the coast guard last week. What are your what's your take on the defense that cross examination how they're conducting themselves? Besides tweeting out songs, right? I think they're doing the best. They can. I mean, considering what they have to deal with all this testimony, particularly about El Chapo, lavish lifestyle is the kind of stuff that sticks with jurors. What's happening now is that some of the jurors and judge Cogan mentioned this in court the other day kind of admonished the jury because some of them were falling asleep with all these. So all the sexy stuff seems to be done on your dealings, all his gore. It seems jurors are getting a little bit bored and tuna fell asleep, and he may have to actually give them something to wake some of these guys up because. Now, three three more months of gore. That's criminal defense lawyer knew Varghese talking about the Chapo trials. KRLD news time is three fifty four. We check your money and interesting.

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