FBI, Florida, NRA discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Fbi on this shooting down in florida are now every sign was missed only thirty three percent of americans are blaming guns so the american people seem to get this it's interesting that you know all these groups that went out and started attacking the nra well are now hearing from nra members that are saying him in a pretty loud voice okay you not received understanding who we are a who the people that i've known in the nra my life every single person that i know every single one by the way trump is speaking at a summit on the opioid crisis public kellyanne gave me an update on that last night i i've been watching the show on net flex i digress here for a second i was watching the show a and it goes from cleveland two at all lanna to mexico and the production of heroin this is this is why obio uses so scary because if you don't you we now are producing there was one particular county in ohio where they're like producing per capita six hundred forty two oxycontin pills per person and insane amount per year now here's the problem if you take invite get him percocet oxycontin i've never taken one of those pain tells of my life i will say i fear little in life they scare me they scary because of what i've witnessed in my life in oh you take one pill for legitimate reason ziege out a bad back you had an operation anyway and the next thing you know smart hardworking intelligent people they're hawked like that it happens it's carry it happens and we're handed these things are out like they're candy and if anyone is ever in a hostile you know what it's like it all you have to do is say the with all my back oh it hurts and they want to give it to you with no questions as winter fact by law they feel they have to as a means of.

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