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This episode a bad kripo Travis broke the teaser we have today Mattie Greenspan who's the senior research analyst from Ito to talk all things trading the other one they have him listed on their website if I'm not mistaken so you know they're they're in progress work in progress no doubt unlike me I'll work in term those type of things come and go we'll never really know until until the day it strikes but the idea is that anybody with stack up those that's that's that's a really really important thing to even consider you like it probably a good idea to have some like I'm not a financial advisor said what kind of price action are we going to be looking at well it's always impossible to say I mean long term what's going to happen I mean I always stick to my my prediction which is of very rexel and I believe firmly with the ninety nine percent accuracy that bitcoin will be anywhere between one hundred dollars in a million within the next five years one hundred dollars or a million with anywhere in between twenty one hundred dollars a- At least we're not gonNA break down under a hundred dollars yeah well you know not just double down again yesterday he said fifty thousand by by the end of the year instill said a million by the end of twenty twenty on cutting off your Dick like you've already said go to get on it's what you do with it after you cut it off I mean at this point it is it even possible is there to what what percentage possibility would you say that there is if you were a bookie Okay to say that Bitcoin is GonNa hit a million before the end of twenty twenty I I checked the odds there I think ledger rex has like odds calculator I check the odds of while back was an eighty percent chance that it was not good the happen so according to the betting markets which is what you're talking about there's probably about a twenty percent chance that it's going to happen twenty percent that's still pretty high but that's according to the options markets on the Word you've on ledger exit's where you find that they have this tool where you you can say percent chance that bitcoin is going to be x price by X. Date is not always the most accurate but it's the best connection that we can get according to what people think at the moment very interesting so now you have this complete guide defend tag that's available there on E. Touro at one of the things that you said that people will understand is understanding the plague that stops investors from making money now a lot of investors and traders out there they're they're not experts at this we don't necessarily know how the markets were they just know they wanna make money so what is that plague Outta we stopped that in in what is getting in the way of people for making money burn draining I think it's it's a lot of the time it's fear but a lot of the time it's also the tools are a bit complicated Ryan people get scared when they see things like charred analysis in they're not if they're not familiar with that I mean that's why that's kind of like e- Toro's vision and has been since two thousand seven is gonNA open up the financial markets for everyone it looked a bit different in two thousand seven of course we're talking about a extreme gamification so the Toro platform was kind of a downloadable platform where we had a little bit racist I mean it was like your Uncle Sam and he was racing like a sumo wrestler like uncle Uncle Sam would be the US dollar you betting against the the end for example but these days we strive to make it as simple as possible for everybody to just get in and start to trade and I can understand for some people even that's a little bit difficult but what you can do is you can copy other people so you can see people who are doing well in their account then you can just copy there investment and I think that's an excellent way to start it's Kinda like training wheels for traders so you can get in watch what people are doing and this is the best way to learn something new so typically somebody who's been in Fintech for some time is not just in the Crypto I mean you might be in precious metals you might be looking at docs or forex were you know were else are you paying attention to right now at the moment I only have about the twelve percents the overall portfolio in crypto assets and that's that's even aggressive for some people because crypto is a very high risk asset last so I've got definitely got some currencies in some commodities some stocks there are a few investment trends that I feel that are defining our generation number one is renewable energy and at a we see that playing out on on the grand stage I mean even that video of gratitude number going viral. I think that obviously everybody had an opinion there were critics and whatnot but I think that that signed big spotlight on one of the main debates of our generation and as far as investing or investors are concerned we can actually vote for which companies we want to succeed we vote with our money it's not just about voting in many cases I believe there is a lot more room for growth and room for profit taking in renewable energy rather than old school old school oil in country right so by a nuclear reactor yeah well if you can afford one yeah sure if you WanNa make sure you to know where to place there are plenty of stocks that are dealing with solar energy wind energy things like that we've got a whole slew of Omani tomorrow that you can that you can invest I and I believe that there is a lot more room for growth there because I you know an oil let's say oil exploration or whatever they're kind of tapped out these kind of maxed out there resort verses in their stock prices are peaked so you can get a lot more returns doing some impact investing the second trend that I'm watching right now is the emergence of the marijuana industry is about to ask I was literally got a beer by the cannabis industry because it seems like it's taken off worldwide I mean is becoming it's legal in more states in America than it is not legal in now and so it seems to be taken off it's so yeah I'm really curious about this which companies are you looking at it nats particular space what are the key identifiers that you look at say I this one might be a winner down the road excellent question Travis I it just sparked my interest very recently I was in California and I'd seen the virtual revolution I grew up in California in you know scoring we'd was something completely different back then obviously now nowadays you come in you show them your ID and they just like let you in the door you know thirty strains marijuana you're like I want is that what is this yeah exactly what it is it was like it was a revolution for me and I go to Amsterdam all the time in in California's basically putting Amsterdam to shame you know they've got nuclear incidents way differ because like now it's the bar but then they but also in Europe though it's like they mix their cannabis with tobacco horrible right well this is not what I wanted that's a question right there you know there's a lot of a cannabis companies out there but people are saying screw the small companies go for big tobacco because they're the ones that are going to be putting out you know to the masses they already have the distribution channels you're shaking your head no go ahead no no no no no no no so they're they're not even looking at that right now they've Moore's that kind of own the entire production line from from harvest the countertop in just the way that I mean travis was saying it's legal now in Morrison dates the that it is not but it's still illegal at the federal level and that's the key that's why the big tobacco companies are scared to watch it right now because they they would be risking the rest of their business operations that's why those who are bold enough to take to go for it at this stage I believe that the right now other states are looking at California when young they're looking at where it's legal and they're salivating right they're looking at all of the revenues that these people are bringing in there looking at the crime that's no doubt coming down 'cause people don't have to go to a shady drug dealer to get their weed and they just they and obviously people can just drive from state to state there's no hard borders around the united states right so they have every incentive to go fully legal as well so the more states legalize it they're just gonNA put more and more pressure on the federal government to go legal once they do that just opens up a whole new stream of revenue it makes the entire industry legal that's when you know all of the big tobacco companies will start to put their foot in but I believe that some of these smaller companies are already going to have a nice foothold so crazy when you're looking at that and you go in your okay I'll have this and I'll have that in like and I'm doing the math in my head like okay that was sixty that was one hundred one hundred it's not like Oh that'll be one hundred fifty three dollars I'm like what the to the crypto game because we are back crypto were not bad cannabis but bad read ought to be the bad we'd podcast by that is that is one of the problems is that a lot lease dispensaries have just the they they're they've taken in cash money and they got an ATM machine so he's got all this cash sure would be nice the banks don't allow them to see accounts and Yup Cryptos kind of a nice thing there so maybe the thickness back to to the the business at hand and eat Toro so let's say somebody's brandon you and then they jump on tour we've got a lot of people from bad crypto already have joined eat toro what are what are some of the key things they can do right when they get started to to set them off to be successful I out of they may be research other traders that are doing great stuff what are some of those tips and tricks that folks are that are joining Toro the no to set themselves up for the biggest success yeah so it's we'd make it as simple as possible I mean on the Sidebar you can click the copy people button and it'll show you kind of the the top traders at the moment you can see people by score for example everybody has a risk score from one to ten I would say look for people that are between let's say three and five maybe six is getting a little high ten is basically somebody who's just leveraging themselves entirely the one is somebody's probably not trading very much so look so you know the kind of middle middle of the road and look for.

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