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Accident in a road construction area. So this is now very tight traffic between Central and Montrose, also on the Eisenhower closures on exit ramps due to construction. It's on the westbound side at Lake Street and another one on the Veterans Memorial Tollway exit ramp closed on the south bound side at Lake Street. Illinoisgovernor J. B. Pritzker, reacting earlier today to criticism of his latest round of Corona virus, restrictions on bars and restaurants, there are leaders that understand what it means to lead and there are those that don't There are people who across the state who don't want to do what's right don't want to stand up for the health and safety of their residents, but instead stand on ly for loud constituents. Many mayors across the Chicago area are questioning the Corona virus metrics the states using to argue that much of the spread of the virus is happening at bars and restaurants. Liberty Ville Mayor Terry Weppler is telling his restaurant bar owners at the village will not enforce the governor's order Talkto executive director the late cutting out department today and he said that there's no strong date either way that the restaurants are causing this increase. Hey, says he's not telling owners to violate the governor's order rather that the village will not enforce it. He says. He's also reminding them that the county health Department and state still have the ability to take enforcement action against violators. Weppler joined WG and Steve Bertrand today on Chicago's afternoon news WG as Patrick Elwood reporting earlier from Park Ridge today, finding several similar plans to defy the restrictions not arguing so much against the metrics. But the legality of the governor's restrictions. Holtz I Corumba harp fiddle and two others are challenging his order. Saying it lacks the authority. A class action lawsuit challenging the governor's orders been filed on behalf of 33 restaurants in McHenry County. The far northwest suburbs, mayors in Orland Park, Morton Grove, and again Libertyville say they will not enforce it. Nine of the 11 regions in Illinois, identified as such in the States restore Illinois plan are now under stricter virus mitigation measures after Ri Jin won was added to the list. That cover central and western Illinois. They, too, now face a ban on indoor dining and camps on gatherings at 25 people. As for the numbers out today by top health officials in Illinois, they reported record high number of single day newly diagnosed cases at 6363. The state reports another 56 covert 19 related deaths. The state reports. Also what rise in hospitalizations of people with covert 19 as of last night, so roughly 24 hours ago, That number was 3033 people in beds, and that is the first time it's top 3000 since June. From those trying to contain wildfires in California on update on two firefighters in critical condition, we're still heavy. At heart. Concerning our two injured firefighters. I just left the hospital. I was there late. They're still in me. A serious fight for their lives. He's Orange County Fire Authority chief Brian Fennessy that happened while they were fighting the Silverado fire. Former NYPD officer turned lawyer has pleaded guilty to cheating the U. S government and a fellow police officer by withholding money meant as compensation for the 9 11 terrorist attacks. The Ape's Jack Quinn. Gustavo Villa was a police lieutenant and then became a lawyer helping a friend received compensation money because John Ferreira had contracted cancer. After working at the 9 11 World Trade Center site. Villa admits to pocketing $900,000 of Ferreira's $1 Million reward He's been disbarred now face jail time record growth for the US economy. Its third quarter GDP or gross domestic product jumped 33%. That's from July to September. The best expansion in 70 years, noting that it also saw nearly 31% decline the quarter before during the pandemic. Chicago public schools has postponed indefinitely high school basketball and wrestling over rising cases of the Corona virus. The district says boys and girls in the Chicago Public League would be put it high risk if the winter sports went forward. That decision comes after the Illinois High School Association announced its moving forward with plans to hold the winter basketball season of the essay is not affiliated with the Illinois government. CPS as other sports deemed low risk are still scheduled to move forward. That's girls and boys bowling at boys swimming and diving. W. J ON SPORTS. The White Sox have hired a manager with a familiar face to the South Siders. Tony LaRussa returns to the White Sox for a second stent being upstairs for you know what, nine years watching the game closely? It was. I have described. My friends is torture because you're seeing it and you can't do anything about it. He, three time World Series manager named the club's new skipper Today. He last managed in 2011 with the Cardinals. He spent the past nine years in various front office rolls with three different clubs. He's 76 year old ranks third all time and victories in baseball history. I have Kevin Powell, double DJ in sports. Thursday night football to the Atlanta Falcons improved in two and six They defeated the Carolina Panthers, who now fall to three and 5 25 to 17 the Bears. They're still four point home underdogs against the Saints on Sunday afternoon that kick off a 3 25. Lakeshore Blood advisory continues until 10 A.m. Friday For tonight. Patchy drizzle of Sprinkles will and decreasing cloudiness late, those ranging from 27 in the northwest suburbs to 35 in northwest.

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