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Salmon on like a best. So I was trying to eat decently healthy. But the volume was way way up there. And then, you know, having daddy sodas every day doesn't help and then for dinner, you know, I would order like multiple appetizers multiple entrees because I wasn't sure which one to get it's all inclusive. So I'd rather. Oh, yeah. I'll get the grilled chicken this, and I'll get the salmon this or this or net. So. Ate a lot. It was awesome. I really liked it. You know, the worst part is probably just a start. It's like hurting cats to actually get on the boat. You know, like you go through like stage, one stage two stage three but other than that, you know, really cool to kind of get away from it. All. Record the interviews for last week's RTF peas and done the week before we had done that fantasy feast and even money and those things so very very cool. Really enjoyed it. We stopped at Tortola and Saint Thomas had nice beach days there castaway cay where they'd a pretty cool water slide that like I felt like I was flying like eight feet in the air when I came out of it at the end. So anyway, very enjoyable trip felt like it was great to refresh to be able to my family, my brother-in-law sister-in-law. They're boys which was great. My my mother-in-law and father-in-law who I really enjoy. So it was the ten of us really cool trip. I would recommend them. Not like, I don't have a sponsorship with Disney cruise that would be nice, though, Disney cruise if you're listening or just Disney in general, you could do my video to hula at the Polynesian. But it was it was great. It was a great. Trip got back Saturday, and I'm back, I'm refreshed. You know, didn't have to work very much at all on the cruise, which was nice. And if you need that in life, and now I'm back, and there was a lot of football stuff that happened. I'm ready to tell you guys about it. And now that Kawhi Leonard ruined my team's hopes and dreams last night. The Sixers you can go to bed online dot AG..

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